Lil Spill

July 14, 2012

Kevin and I played an increble prank on Lee. Lee left Key West a day early. For the couple of days that we were all together he talked longingly about how he wished we had time to jet ski and do fun beachy things. After he left we decided to Torture him a little. I wrote him an email and said that some vendors came down and gave Kevin, Steve, and I free passes to go use a jet pack. Free passes for Jet skiing. OMG we just got biplane passes that tour the Keys.
He almost caught me when I called him and was bitching about Kevin in regards to the painting debacle . ” Lil you stayed behind while Kevin went jet packing? He just texted me 5 minutes ago saying how cool and scarey it was. ” So I quickly changed the topic.
Even Last night , before I went to bed I texted him and said ” the sunset cruise was incredible . We got to swim with dolphins” . Lee was beside himself. He was so jealous. Today I decided to really put the screws to him. I pretended that I went into the Key West Starbucks and that Ami James from Miami Ink came up and talked to me. I continued it by saying that they wanted to film B roll at the bar and use Kevin and Steve. Lee was tortured!! Finally we told him the truth. It was pretty awesome. Punked!

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