Painful week for the bars. Only Austin and NY seem to be holding strong. Even San Antonio is down this week. Heading to Rot Rally next weekend in Austin! Holla.
We are getting our trade show schedule together. I am definitely going to the one in Tokyo. I should bring Jackson.
Shout out to New Orleans ! Emma Watson , Hermione from Harry Potter, stopped by yesterday afternoon. I bet she is so pretty in person.
“Lil, I have been working with a company that can do an incredible Coyote Ugly app. Oh by the way , its only $125,000” By the way, Hell No!

It’s been a very kid heavy few weeks. Jackson’s last day ever at his school is tomorrow. Tonight we had a dinner for his teachers , parents kids to say thank you and goodbye to his school. The teachers and parents were so beautiful.” Jackson is an excellent student, great person” . I was so overwhelmed by the incredible sentiment about my son . ( I over heard his dad say that we had to have only one kid because there were too any bad genes between us we figured we got lucky with him lol)
Well the most incredible moment came at the end of the night . ” mom I love you. Thank you for introducing me to great music. Not one of my friends knows Korn so I am much cooler then them” lol

Sitting in my local car dealership waiting for my car. Two other people are in the waiting room waiting as well. The local news showed a story of a man who jokingly put a baby in a laundry mat washing machine. All 3 of us looked up shocked. If there is a positive to that poor baby’s incident , it is that 3 completely different people joined in a harmonious ” what the fuck” . A very special moment.
The world is off its Axis because Daniel is judging a bikini contest in the Denver area. Maybe we can judge him in a bathing suit eating a big Mac.

Lee, his wife, and myself started the Insanity video workout yesterday. ( in different states). Within 6 minutes you are drenched in sweat. I find it refreshing that even though the people in the DVDs have outstanding bodies, sometimes they have to stop and rest. It makes them more real to you. Ok well two days in and I am invigorated.

Mac from Memphis is killing me! He keeps on going back and forth on the anniversary date for the bar. ” grow a set and just pick a date!”
It’s about 100 degrees here and I am thankful I don’t own any guns cause one wrong word and I could just knock some people off. Only kidding.

Woke up in a good mood and once I started reading my work emails I am now pissed off. Urge. I am at my wits end with the NY GM. The positive is that in 6 months she has actually doubled the numbers. Really Doubled! The bar is doing really well. But she always late! She’s disorganized. 2 times in one week Daniel has called me completely exasperated with her tardiness. A new draft system was supposed to be put in today and she was late so the guy left! I said to her ” you make the schedule! You have the ability to change the schedule since you worked last night and get someone else to open. This isn’t rocket science. I am so pissed off right now .

Omg Donna Summer passed away. She was a big part of my 8th grade year flirting with boys at The Rink in New Rochelle , NY. Skating with a boy to “Last Dance”. Childhood doesn’t get better then that! RIP

John Travolta /Gay. 15 years ago when I was married my son’s dad would travel to LA a lot for his screenwriting career. I remember him coming home and telling me that John Travolta would have his lovers at the sets . Supposedly everyone knew he was gay. So this lawsuit isn’t front page new in Hollywood.
Now that we cleared that up I am having a beautiful morning. I drove home this morning from Lafayette, La to New Orleans. I left at 5:30 am and while crossing the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge which goes over the swamps I saw the most beautiful sunrise. Seeing the sun rise over the bayou was gorgeous. Today is a big day in Coyote world hopefully I will be making a big announcement in the next week about our newest bar!

Hot damn! I am tired. I bought Jackson’s French family presents that he was supposed to present to them. Everyday I text and ask him if he gave them the presents and everyday he responds I am waiting. Well today my daily text of please give the presents was responded with I am waiting. ” Jackson its your last day with them! Give them the freaking presents! Lol
He is a pip but he’s my pip. Can’t wait for him to get home!

NY GM fucked up today. Daniel found out from the AC guy that she was late opening the bar. Well too bad for her because now Daniel’s inner psycho will come out and watch the cameras every day morning and night! Lol
Three bars did well this weekend , San Antonio, Milwaukee, and NY. By the way, awesome Milwaukee!
I have spent the last half an hour trying to figure out how to get Kevin training for an Ironman. Coyote Ugly Ironman. He’s the only person I know who really can pull this off

“take off eh ya hoser” or ” ay dude you want a brew”. I figure since I am fucking trapped in the Toronto airport probably forever, I need to speak like the locals. Landed in Toronto in plenty of time to catch my flight but the customs line took so long that I missed my flight. ” why didn’t the people from Air Canada pull you to the front of the line” I don’t fucking know but they didn’t ! That’s not the worst part. I waited on line to get a new flight. 3 people looking at the computer. ” you were scheduled on a direct flight but there are no more direct flights today so we don’t know how to rebook you” . Really 3 people and no one can figure out this unsolvable problem. The whole fucking cast of The movie Strange Brew seems to work here. Oh but yes my next flight is now delayed which means I will miss my next connecting flight!

I finally won one! I left the moms and Avignon today for one day in Paris before I go back home. I finally got to Paris and I just walked and walked. Tonight I went to dinner by myself and had a huge meal. The waiter was surprised by how much I ordered so in broken French I told him it was my last night. Well he bought me dessert and a wine! Voila. Victory. Nobody likes eating dinner alone but when you travel you just have to. I have to learn French and Russian that’s my goal ! On the Q T, French men do have a way of oggling a woman so she feels good . Thanks Universe for all the perverted French men who cat call and make you feel attractive!

Interesting trip with the school moms. Only five psycho moms came to France to drop off their kids . Yes I am In that group. We were told that we could meet the families the first day but after that we could not interfere with the exchange program . This process was for their language skills to improve by having to fend for themselves within a family that does not speak English. I have abided by that. I just needed a face to faceMeeting to ward off any feelings of fear about my child being placed in a psycho home situation. Well I met the family . Good people. Jackson has texted me once a day and everything is fine. This is not how everyone has acted! One mom actually dropped everything and went to KFC to bring the kid food at his French families house. I was horrified. OMG. I could only Imagine how the family felt, this American woman barging in because their food wasnt good enough. Actually this woman and I spoke today and came to the conclusion that all parents have something that they are obsessed about. Obviously food is her thing. I am not sure what my thing is but there may be multiple areas . Who knows.

I was up for over 30 hours. Today I am good to go. I am sitting in a cafe in Avignon drinking a delicious cafe avec lait( coffe with milk). Jackson texted me this morning . I was expecting a ” I like them mom ” or ” the kid is weird” something along those lines, but this is what I received ” they fed me enough to feed a small school”. That’s it. I will take that as a good sign.

Tired! I was in Key West for work last week. Right now I just landed in Paris with Jackson’s class and we still have a 3 hour trip to Avignon