Lil Spill

May 11, 2012

“take off eh ya hoser” or ” ay dude you want a brew”. I figure since I am fucking trapped in the Toronto airport probably forever, I need to speak like the locals. Landed in Toronto in plenty of time to catch my flight but the customs line took so long that I missed my flight. ” why didn’t the people from Air Canada pull you to the front of the line” I don’t fucking know but they didn’t ! That’s not the worst part. I waited on line to get a new flight. 3 people looking at the computer. ” you were scheduled on a direct flight but there are no more direct flights today so we don’t know how to rebook you” . Really 3 people and no one can figure out this unsolvable problem. The whole fucking cast of The movie Strange Brew seems to work here. Oh but yes my next flight is now delayed which means I will miss my next connecting flight!

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