Lil Spill

May 9, 2012

Interesting trip with the school moms. Only five psycho moms came to France to drop off their kids . Yes I am In that group. We were told that we could meet the families the first day but after that we could not interfere with the exchange program . This process was for their language skills to improve by having to fend for themselves within a family that does not speak English. I have abided by that. I just needed a face to faceMeeting to ward off any feelings of fear about my child being placed in a psycho home situation. Well I met the family . Good people. Jackson has texted me once a day and everything is fine. This is not how everyone has acted! One mom actually dropped everything and went to KFC to bring the kid food at his French families house. I was horrified. OMG. I could only Imagine how the family felt, this American woman barging in because their food wasnt good enough. Actually this woman and I spoke today and came to the conclusion that all parents have something that they are obsessed about. Obviously food is her thing. I am not sure what my thing is but there may be multiple areas . Who knows.

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