Last night’s numbers were crazy good. I am used to seeing San Antonio and Nashville running the highest. But I actually thought I was looking at the wrong day of the week when I opened NY, OKC, and Memphis. Awesome numbers. All the bars did well but its nice once in a while to see the smaller markets kicking ass!. By the way, Mac’s numbers in Memphis are great!!! good job. NY: Some personnel changes a few months ago and a little tlc is what that bar needed. Wow that bar is just rocking!!! To see the girls happy and being allowed more creativity behind the bar means its just a more productive environment. Austin also kicking ass. Denver too. New Orleans was the slowest last night , I think its the lull after Mardi Gras. Just great numbers all around! good start to the day

Busy day. Heading to Orlando tomorrow . Let’s see what the world has in store for Coyote. Lee did a great job with our booth in Toronto this past weekend . What else? Could it be that today I am feeling like a Mother Fucking powerhouse. ( by the way I actually can not read this because I don’t have my glasses sorry for mistakes )

Russia has the highest crash rating for air travel of any country in the world. Quote ” you are safer flying in Zimbawee then Russia” Great! I am planning my next trip to Russia in April. Watch the last ” Real Sports” They have a whole segment on this.
On a good note I just bought the Russian Rosetta Stone.

Congrats New Orleans bar for doing well this Mardi Gras! 24 hours a day is so hard.
Took Jackson and his friend to Park City. On one of our flights I got upgraded and they were in row 45. The last row on the plane. Kids just view things differently then adults . I went to visit them and was shocked because in their minds they got the best seats on the plane . ” mom the bathroom is right next to us and the stewardess is close if we need anything ” lol

Went to The Endymion ball last night. This event the catch is that you have to bring everything . Picture a thousand people dressed well enough to attend the royal wedding but dragging rolling coolers with alcohol and food. Quite a sight.

Maroon 5

Endymion floats

I think the test went well.
THis story in the news today made me cry. So moving
Montana wrestler volunteers a loss so opponent can win first career bout on senior night

By Cameron Smith
By Cameron Smith | Prep Rally – Thu, Feb 16, 2012 8:01 AM EST
In a remarkably unselfish act, Cascade (Mont.) High wrestler Clancy Ludvigson went to wresting officials at an opponent’s senior night and offered himself up as a sacrificial lamb. Ludvigson openly asked to be put in a matchup against a Townsend (Mont.) High senior that he knew would defeat him. There’s a good reason for that knowledge, too: Ludvigson planned to let him win.

As covered by Great Falls CBS affiliate KRTV, Ludvigson’s charitable act was made for Townsend’s Troy Spurlock, a senior wrestler with special needs who had never won a varsity match via a pin or decision (he had only won via forfeit). After watching Spurlock finish his final dual meet with two forfeits and two defeats, Ludvigson unilaterally approached the meet officials and asked for one additional match, between himself and Spurlock.
The officials agreed, and what followed next was magic. As you can see in the video above, all other activity at the meet came to a halt, with Spurlock taking control and then taking Ludvigson down for the first time in the first period.
Three periods and choruses of excited fan chants and cheers later, Spurlock finally finished Ludvigson off with a pin and delivered a celebration that was truly four years, if not a lifetime, in the making.
“I picked the kid up and threw him on the mat and my face like burst into flames, like, I had him! That was the best moment of my life,” Spurlock told KRTV. “The best moment of my life, getting that first win. [Townsend wrestling coach John] O’Dell is always saying ‘Don’t give up, try your best and don’t have bad sportsmanship, always have good sportsmanship.'”
Spurlock may have lost a bit of that sportsmanship message in the excitement over his historic victory, with fans and the entire Townsend and Cascade squads celebrating alongside him. In the moments after the win, Spurlock claimed he was going to be a celebrity, that he and Mack Brown (seemingly the Texas football coach and not some other Mack Brown) would be “getting my championship on in Pasadena” and that he was only going to focus on wrestling, not girls in the final push of his wrestling career.
If anything, those giddy celebratory quotes may have made Spurlock’s victory even more endearing, and the act of sportsmanship voluntarily put forward by Ludvigson even more impressive.
Not that the Cascade sophomore didn’t get some pleasure from losing in such spectacular fashion because of his special opponent.
“This match will stand out in my mind forever,” Ludvigson told KRTV. “I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed losing that much in my life.”

Right now Jackson is taking a standardized admission test to another school. I am actually nervous for him. He may have an interview afterwards so we prepared for it. ” Jackson what would you add to the current 6th grade class if you were admitted?” response ” anyone can bring nachos but I bring the funk” if his delivery is right that might just work.

Mardi GRAS is upon us! Please bar make money.
The weather sucks right now. Usually on the Thursday before Mardi Gras , Jackson and I go to watch The Krewe of Muses with other families from his school but tonight I rented movies for us to watch. just not feeling it tonight. Old and cranky. Yup that’s me

What an awesome anniversary party. The girls created a couple of burlesque numbers. It was truly like being at a professional show. Its so wonderful that Kelsey encourages them to be so creative. Its a breath of fresh air to have so many talented creative people. Anastacia sang. Gorgeous voice. Just incredible. Tons of old regulars and some of the old employees. Really I have so much love for everyone there!
We unveiled the Coyote Ugly whisky to the regulars. Everyone loved it. Its smooth. I swear its going to give Crown a run for its money. The Coyote Ugly whisky is a Canadian whisky.

” I just heard on face book that Mingyur Rinpoche was seen at Tso Pema” this is a quote from a yogi in India looking for a reincarnate lama, very high up in the Buddhist world, who decided to leave his monastery and travel to teach and feel deep reflection without knowing anyone or needing monetary help.
Now while most in the Coyote world don’t give a shit about this I was flabbergasted. I don’t have a Facebook. Monks have Facebook accounts! What is this world coming to. Well since I am always searching for enlightenment I may start a Facebook page but only friend request and accept monks.

Kevin has been in Manhattan a total of 45 minutes and the truck is getting massive attention. He said he has had to stop what he’s doing because people are lining up to take photos! This is exactly why I wanted the truck to be big and ridiculously tacky!! perfect

“Kevin, you need to fix the hole on the bartop in NY before the anniversary” ” ok Lil but I need my heavy tools which means I have to bring the truck.” shit Where do you park a mini Monster Truck in NYC?

I wonder if I will pick up Japanese because on the weekends there is a weeks worth of anime episodes being played? ” Jackson, what makes Japanese anime better”. ” mom it just is”.
Since there is a significant amount of Japanese being heard in my house I thought of this proposal. “If you learn a significant amount of Japanese, I will take you to Japan for an anime convention” . Well I don’t think we will be going to Japan anytime soon because of this statement “Mom do you think there is any way for me to learn Japanese without reading a book or doing any real studying ?”

This is my work day: “I have received two very negative emails about the … bar in the last week. I will reiterate what I tell every manager ” the coyote is not a strip club.” I don’t want body shots to get so lesbianlike that it scares off women. And tell them to FUCKING calm down the obscenities on the mic. READ YOUR CUSTOMERS not all people want to be called ” douchebag” or “pussy”
Fix this

I am going to do a research project. On Gywenth Paltrows website she has remedies for hangovers. There are various products on her website. Over years of being in this business I can personally recommend one thing. Drink plenty of water while you drink. For every drink you imbibe , drink one glass of water. I am going to ask Daniel, Kevin, and ( not sure who drinks enough to be the 3rd) to help with this research. I will provide each of them with the various products and instructions for the products. I want to know if any of these products works as well as simply drinking water while drinking alcohol?
Just a point of fact. Hangovers are caused because the liver can not quickly metabolize certain ingredients in alcohol. Because of this it needs extra water to process this alcohol . The liver will pull water from organs like the brain to help process the alcohol. Hence the headache and all around yucky feeling. My layman’s explanation.