Lil Spill

February 29, 2012

Last night’s numbers were crazy good. I am used to seeing San Antonio and Nashville running the highest. But I actually thought I was looking at the wrong day of the week when I opened NY, OKC, and Memphis. Awesome numbers. All the bars did well but its nice once in a while to see the smaller markets kicking ass!. By the way, Mac’s numbers in Memphis are great!!! good job. NY: Some personnel changes a few months ago and a little tlc is what that bar needed. Wow that bar is just rocking!!! To see the girls happy and being allowed more creativity behind the bar means its just a more productive environment. Austin also kicking ass. Denver too. New Orleans was the slowest last night , I think its the lull after Mardi Gras. Just great numbers all around! good start to the day

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