Jada from NYC, you are rocking mondays. Keep up the good work. Tawnee’s Tuesdays are pretty damn good as well. Let’s go NYC.
Since I bought the new Coyote Truck, my boyfriend is seething with jealousy . Well yesterday when I told him that I am putting on 35 inch tires and I found new rims, he was beside himself with jealousy. ( yes I date a big country bumpkin) Well he was so ridiculously jealous that I asked Lee to make a picture to taunt him. After this picture my new nickname from Trey is MTL ” monster truck littlin’.

I haven’t gotten more then 3 hours of sleep in the last few weeks . It’s so hot I can fry an egg on my forehead, and I will probably have to close the NY bar tonight because hurricane Irene will hit there later on today. What could be the icing on the cake for a cranky day! Bam! You have been served! Door bell rang. Jackson, his friend and I answered the bell and wham, ” Miss Lovell you have been officially served” I actually am laughing now.

Ok after a long search, I take possession of the new Coyote Ugly truck this afternoon. Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel. It’s so big that I think we might as well make it ridiculous with a lift kit and big tires.
What happened to me? I am actually excited about getting it painted and lifted. Lol Minnesota here we come . ( next project)

Two major earthquakes today. One in Colorado and one up the East Coast. David , Gm of the Denver bar, said that everything was fine. Jacqui said she was at the NY bar when she felt the earthquake . I am glad everyone is alright.
Hurricanes are looking good in comparison to earthquakes and tornados . Scary

Bam first day of school for Jackson today! No one is happier then me. Last week Jackson’s dad and I went to an orientation at school. Both of us were chatting with other parents. Personally, I was at my wits end trying to create activities for Jackson and work. One mom said ” oh summer is such a special time I am so sad school is starting.” Jackson’s dad and I looked at each other with the look of ” this woman is a freak”

Yesterday a fabulous day. The accountants told us that we had the best quarter in the history of the company .
This morning I woke up to the managers logs . Urgh. Freaking jinx. Austin and Milwaukee are the low sales bars right now. Let’s pick it up people.

One of the Russian Coyote’s was on MTV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=834QBs8JVFY
Two regionals keep bickering in emails. I actually got a text from the temporary manager in Austin cause he had to call one of them but was worried about pissing the other one off. Just ridiculous. For future reference, unless the bar is on fire I probably won’t respond at 440 am. My days of being on call 24/7 are over! Plus at my age I don’t just need beauty sleep but beauty coma.
The truck: I Had No Idea How Expensive Pick Up Trucks Are! Going back Into to battle today. 2500 3/4 ton crew cab!

Jeff and I are laughing because I am buying a new pickup truck for the company. Really who ever thought that Miss NY would be buying a pick up truck. I have been on line all morning. I don’t like the fords. Do I go Hemi or 2500 Silverado? Extended cab ? This is too funny to me. Does that tool box thing come with it or do you buy that separately?

The staff has been great at Sturgis except for one girl. This one girl from New Orleans was such an asshole . She worked horribly . She offended everyone . In fact , Chantel and Katie had to send her home early. I know Katie is embarrassed about it because she nominated her to go. Chantel told Katie that it was up to her what she did with this girl when she got home . If it was me, she would get fired. This is just one incident in the many. But I have a bad feeling Katie won’t. Get some balls because one bad egg ruins the bunch.

Lil’s brain on alcohol ! Christina from Nashville challenged me to a drink a live minnow contest. Omg I did it! It was alive. So horrible . I felt guilty about killing that minnow all night. On the upside I got a cool ” I shot a minnow Coyote Ugly t shirt”.

From Chantel
So there are NYC fire fighters in town rebuilding the flag that flew over the twin towers during 911. They have 50 weeks to visit 50 states and each state stitches a part of the flat back together. For example on lincoln’s birthday a piece of the flag that was part of lincoln’s flag when he was buried was stitched on! So many stories. Anyway one of the owners of was on the plane with these guys and when we meet up at the airport we talked and invited them to coyote. They are doing a whole memorial thing in mount rushmore tomorrow and came to hang out. They brought the flag in the bar. They invited the patrons to come outside and unfold the flag and then fold it back. We have plenty of pics just thought I would send these one! They will be here tomorrow afternoon so Lil we will have to get some more pics! When completed it will be on display at the ground zero memorial!

Getting ready for Sturgis. I will apologize if I bump into people because my boobs are huge right now and they could probably take down about 4 or 5 people when sideswiped.
Ha! I just bought a pair of Levi’s for $34. So sick of expensive jeans. I love my new jeans. I won one today

How embarrassing. We have a bunch of girls from all over the country working in Sturgis right now. Well one of the girls didn’t call her mother right away so her mother proceeded to call the directors of the casino looking for her. ” maam your daughter is in her mid 20’s . Come on!”

I just saw two cougars in action. Jackson and I were waiting on line at the airport gate. Two women, not sure their age . They could be my age, but I think they were more wrinkled so I am not sure ( that was not a slight I just can’t judge). These women would not stop chatting to the male agent. Finally as they turned around one of them said ” so are you married?”
Opened in Sturgis rocking and a rolling

Jackson tested positive for both Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He feels fine. The doctor said his Lyme levels are very high and it puzzles him why Jackson isn’t feeling sick. He has to go on an antibiotic that effects children’s teeth. Hopefully the antibiotics will knock this out of him.