Lil Spill

August 9, 2011

From Chantel
So there are NYC fire fighters in town rebuilding the flag that flew over the twin towers during 911. They have 50 weeks to visit 50 states and each state stitches a part of the flat back together. For example on lincoln’s birthday a piece of the flag that was part of lincoln’s flag when he was buried was stitched on! So many stories. Anyway one of the owners of was on the plane with these guys and when we meet up at the airport we talked and invited them to coyote. They are doing a whole memorial thing in mount rushmore tomorrow and came to hang out. They brought the flag in the bar. They invited the patrons to come outside and unfold the flag and then fold it back. We have plenty of pics just thought I would send these one! They will be here tomorrow afternoon so Lil we will have to get some more pics! When completed it will be on display at the ground zero memorial!

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