Unfuckimg believable ! This creepy guy who lives above the Austin bar pretended to work for Coyote and gave a quote to the publication The Statesman . What the fuck? The guy is just creepy . But on the part of The Statesman wouldn’t they actually verify a source ? Why didn’t they just call our corporate number? Very irresponsible !

Long ass week. Went to San Antonio anniversary. Unbelievable turnout. The party started out great. Marsha did an excellent job getting the party together. She hired 3 comedians who tanked. Not because they weren’t funny but at 10 pm when most of the customers were drinking and having fun, no one was listening. I am not going to lie, former employees made my night and Jacqui’s miserable. ” why did I get fired? Lil you know I didn’t do anything wrong. Lil these girls suck in comparison to us” . Really who the fuck goes to an anniversary and specifically tries to ruin the owner’s time? So classless. I felt sorry for Marsha and the staff listening to these girls. I personally am sorry San Antonio staff that I was bogged down with this bullshit to personally spend time with you. Sorry.
Ok I just spent the last 4 days in Orlando at Universal Theme parks with Jackson. Why on god’s green earth do people go on vacation there or Disney every freaking year? The lines are ridiculous. Its blistering hot. And the worst part is that they rape you financially. Everyday cost me a couple hundred bucks for us. Half the rides now are just 3d rides . It’s a gip plus you feel motion sick all day. Urgh. Really I never want to go back again unless we open in Orlando and I get a deal!

Calagary Stampede!!
Make it an even dozen.

Kelly Sutherland won his record 12th Rangeland Derby crown — and second in a row — Sunday night.

The 59-year-old had the No. 1 barrel and took full advantage, guiding his Coyote Ugly Saloon rig around the Half Mile of Hell in 1:16.62.


Denver What Are You Stupid! Ok for the last three days the logs have being complaining that the theatre is overflowing with Harry Potter fans and it’s hurting business. ( we are on 3 floor of a mall next door to the movie theatre). Dumbasses throw a Harry Potter themed party! Have girls and bouncers dress in Harry potter character costumes. Coyote Ugly through wizardry has turned into The Leaky Cauldron for one night ( don’t use that name it’s probably trademarked and I will get sued ) urgh. What ever. This is an amazing opportunity for us don’t let it slip by.

Bam ! We got to the movie theatre to see Harry Potter before everyone else. First in line ! Ok the movie is awesome. If you have read the books , all I can say is that there are a lot of little nuances missing. But it is just impossible to fit it all in. I am actually sad that it’s over. Jackson and I have spent many nights watching these movies. A real bonding for us. Well the characters have aged and so have we. What a great series!

Wow the San Antonio bar is sending Jacqui and myself to the spa! How cool is that! We always have a great time in SA. I can’t wait till the anniversary next week. Bring on the vodka ( don’t be lazy chill it)lol
I was just telling my son and his friend about how women threw panties on stage when Tom Jones performed. ” why the heck would they do that?” then Jackson turned to his friend. ” my mom kissed Adam Sandler in college.” Oh finally verification that he has listened . Normally I get ” here she goes again” when I tell a story. Unfortunately , he’s too young to hear the good stories!
Heading to the 945 am Harry Potter. So excited

Facebook pros: get in touch with old friends and family
Cons: every ex employee tries to befriend you and boyfriend’s Facebook has 200 supposedly former girlfriends on it. Yes on then I deactivated.
I need some exboyfriends pictures just so I can remember that I rocked back in the day . And for the record there were some real lookers!

Nashville, Saturday night! Holla!
I have been doing paperwork today and signing checks. God it just puts me in a bad mood.

A 12-year-old girl killed herself in order to donate her organs to family members, but was cremated before her wishes became known, according to a report.

Mumpy Sarkar, from a village in West Bengal, India, took her life June 27 in the hope of providing organs for her father and brother.

Both of her brother’s kidneys were not fully functioning, England’s Daily Mail newspaper reported, with one damaged and the other growing weaker. Her father was slowly losing his eyesight.

Her father is a day laborer in an agricultural district and the family was unable to afford medical treatment, The Times of India said.

Mumpy poisoned herself with the pesticide Thiodan, leaving behind a suicide note explaining her wishes.

However, the note was only discovered the day after the girl was cremated.

‘Very sensitive child’
“We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child,” her father, Mridul, said, according to the Mail.

The paper reported that Samir Poddar, a local state council representative, visited the family this week and promised financial help to help Mumpy’s father and brother undergo the operations she wanted them to have.

“We will be soon helping the family so that they could undertake necessary medical treatment,” Poddar said.

Lol a few years ago we met with a guy and his wife who ended up being investors. The guy become a living nightmare to me but that’s another story. So this couple were life coaches, which is a loose term for ” give me all your money and I will guide you to disaster”. Well I never, thank god bought into any of their shit. Well we just got a subpoena for this guys records because he and his wife are in a nasty divorce. ” oh how the mighty have fallen!”

Ok I think most people feel that Casey Anthony caused in some way the death of her dAughter, but stop persecuting the jury. My understanding is that the term reasonable doubt can be very rigid in the minds of some juries. That doesn’t mean they think she is innocent but they could prove guilt .
Today the judge imposed the maximum sentence so even though she won’t serve long, it’s a small victory.
At this point we can only hope the state charges her millions once they evaluate how much money it cost them to search for Caylee.

One of our coyote family is really sick. My heart goes out to him .

I was wondering if you could ask people to pray for one of our employees in the spill. His name is Greg, but we all call him Tater. He has cancer… He is so young! Early 20’s, he is a BMF and is also in the military….he is Currently going through chemotherapy. Super nice kid, actually does “dance offs” with our customers. Just breaks my heart. Thanks

Jim Marshall
Heart breaking.
Not guilty for Casey Anthony. Today her little daughter Caylee died twice. I knew she wouldn’t get murder one but how could that jury not find her complicit to manslaughter. So sad.

This email from Daniel to the GM’s made me laugh so hard
“Although I shouldn’t have to say this again.  All of you need to staff up for Sunday night.  Monday is a national holiday which means people will drink more on Sunday night.  Please add staff for Sunday night immediately.
 Due to many of you IGNORING my email about Memorial day I need confirmation on Sunday night’s staffing”
I needed a laugh. I have been going Through checks from 2 years for the accountants. Urgh painful.
Ok tonight I must catch up on Casey Anthony