Lil Spill

July 27, 2011

Long ass week. Went to San Antonio anniversary. Unbelievable turnout. The party started out great. Marsha did an excellent job getting the party together. She hired 3 comedians who tanked. Not because they weren’t funny but at 10 pm when most of the customers were drinking and having fun, no one was listening. I am not going to lie, former employees made my night and Jacqui’s miserable. ” why did I get fired? Lil you know I didn’t do anything wrong. Lil these girls suck in comparison to us” . Really who the fuck goes to an anniversary and specifically tries to ruin the owner’s time? So classless. I felt sorry for Marsha and the staff listening to these girls. I personally am sorry San Antonio staff that I was bogged down with this bullshit to personally spend time with you. Sorry.
Ok I just spent the last 4 days in Orlando at Universal Theme parks with Jackson. Why on god’s green earth do people go on vacation there or Disney every freaking year? The lines are ridiculous. Its blistering hot. And the worst part is that they rape you financially. Everyday cost me a couple hundred bucks for us. Half the rides now are just 3d rides . It’s a gip plus you feel motion sick all day. Urgh. Really I never want to go back again unless we open in Orlando and I get a deal!

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