Lil Spill

July 8, 2011

A 12-year-old girl killed herself in order to donate her organs to family members, but was cremated before her wishes became known, according to a report.

Mumpy Sarkar, from a village in West Bengal, India, took her life June 27 in the hope of providing organs for her father and brother.

Both of her brother’s kidneys were not fully functioning, England’s Daily Mail newspaper reported, with one damaged and the other growing weaker. Her father was slowly losing his eyesight.

Her father is a day laborer in an agricultural district and the family was unable to afford medical treatment, The Times of India said.

Mumpy poisoned herself with the pesticide Thiodan, leaving behind a suicide note explaining her wishes.

However, the note was only discovered the day after the girl was cremated.

‘Very sensitive child’
“We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child,” her father, Mridul, said, according to the Mail.

The paper reported that Samir Poddar, a local state council representative, visited the family this week and promised financial help to help Mumpy’s father and brother undergo the operations she wanted them to have.

“We will be soon helping the family so that they could undertake necessary medical treatment,” Poddar said.

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