This is priceless. This year I told Jackson that he has to use his own money for Christmas persents that he gives others. I am going to take he and his friends to Borders to get some things. The look on their faces was priceless when I explained that they need to factor in tax!
Over the past few months I have received bad emails about the Denver girls! Urgh

An article about my people:
This holiday season, the Colombian military is trying a unique angle to get guerrillas to lay down their arms: It is creating Christmas trees deep in the jungle in hopes the holiday spirit will tug the rebels back home.
The first tree of “Operation Christmas” was decorated in the jungle of southern Colombia, the military said.
Two units in two Blackhawk helicopters dropped in on a supply path that the guerrillas are known to use and picked a 25-meter (82-foot) tree to decorate with sparkling blue lights.

Not sure that some of the nastiest rebels in the world will concede because of Christmas trees

I have been getting a lot of dental work done to straighten my teeth. Today I walked in to see a picture of my mouth on the screen at the dentists office. The staff was very complimentary of my lips. The dentist actually said when your teeth are straight I would love to see you in a bright lipstick. Well I came straight home and have been just looking at my lips trying on different lipsticks , like I was 15 years old again ! Thank you Dr Riggs. You made my day!!

Am I in a parallel universe? My son just walked in the house and said ” mom you know how trickle down economics doesn’t work!” just yesterday we were talking about butt cracks . Today he’s explaining the economy.

“Sorry I missed dance practice I was in jail for falling asleep at the Mc Donalds drive through.” Man you got some real problems. Missing dance practice falls way low on the list.”
I just want to say thanks to the few Nashville girls who work really hard. I wish in life everyone worked as hard as you guys and the team was stronger but right now we will just have to strive to make the weak ones step up or find some new great girls!
What a freaking day already! Kevin poured water on the trucks windshield when it was 9 degrees in Milwaukee. The shocking thing is that he was surprised when it froze! OK either get some sleep or perhaps we need to get you a little help!

Two days with the Nashville girls! I want to get a shank and kill myself. Only half the girls showed up cause of the cold in Nashville. I love the die hard girls. The real hard workers. And believe me that I take note of the girls who don’t put in the time.
I think what threw me over the edge today was when one of the girls described an incident with one of the managers. Well after breaking the incident down her real gripe was that he wasn’t sympathetic enough. The manager actually had felt bad about the incident and called her to apologize. ” so he called and apologized but you are still feeling like he was not sympathetic!” am I taking crazy pills? My god ! Jacqui and I were laughing. I can’t even fathom saying to a manager ” you hurt my feelings” unbelievable.
Also girl showed up today ” sorry couldn’t come yesterday was in jail”

At the Nashville anniversary party, a former employee came up to me at the beginning of the night and said ” hey Lil, this is the worst party” . I have had periods in my life when I have felt spiteful or mean spirited but I kept it to myself. The only thing that that comment from that girl made me feel ” thank god this bitch doesn’t work here any longer. ” I just don’t get it. If you no longer work for the company and obviously hold some inside anger against your former workplace. Why come to the bar for a party?” Shame on you!
How cool Jackson , myself , and two of his friends are watching Alien Vs Predator! Awesome !

I loved the fact that at the Nashville anniversary party the girls rolled their own sushi as part of their Geisha night. And it was delicious!!! Such pretty girls. Monday Jacqui and I are meeting in Nashville to try and do something new with the girls. I am excited about it. I think this will be a new fun experience! By the way Nashville was 19 degrees the other day. Fucking cold!!!
Tonight I went to Jackson’s Lacrosse practice, in total he has had 3. He is such a better person then me. He loves Lacrosse. He’s excited to go to the practices. Yet, truth be told he can not catch one ball. LOL I find it so interesting that all the sports that he excels in are not that interesting to him but the one that he doesn’t is now his favorite. I have been told by him that I need to buy a Lacrosse stick to help him practice in our yard. His first game is in 3 weeks. There will be some bench time.
Lee, Kevin, Daniel , and I made a freaking great pact. When we really go through with it. I will document everything

On my way to Nashville anniversary party! Of course my flight is delayed. Yesterday and today I went to the dentist. My mouth is so sore and sensitive to heat and cold. I haven’t eaten a thing since yesterday morning. I just left a message for Daniel absolutely no shots. I will have a glass of wine which I need to drink from a straw. Also just got my first pair of glasses! Urgh aging. Just when you become truly happy and content with yourself your body starts changing! Glasses, dental issues, what’s next? Fuck!