Lil Spill

December 14, 2010

Two days with the Nashville girls! I want to get a shank and kill myself. Only half the girls showed up cause of the cold in Nashville. I love the die hard girls. The real hard workers. And believe me that I take note of the girls who don’t put in the time.
I think what threw me over the edge today was when one of the girls described an incident with one of the managers. Well after breaking the incident down her real gripe was that he wasn’t sympathetic enough. The manager actually had felt bad about the incident and called her to apologize. ” so he called and apologized but you are still feeling like he was not sympathetic!” am I taking crazy pills? My god ! Jacqui and I were laughing. I can’t even fathom saying to a manager ” you hurt my feelings” unbelievable.
Also girl showed up today ” sorry couldn’t come yesterday was in jail”

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