Lil Spill

December 11, 2010

I loved the fact that at the Nashville anniversary party the girls rolled their own sushi as part of their Geisha night. And it was delicious!!! Such pretty girls. Monday Jacqui and I are meeting in Nashville to try and do something new with the girls. I am excited about it. I think this will be a new fun experience! By the way Nashville was 19 degrees the other day. Fucking cold!!!
Tonight I went to Jackson’s Lacrosse practice, in total he has had 3. He is such a better person then me. He loves Lacrosse. He’s excited to go to the practices. Yet, truth be told he can not catch one ball. LOL I find it so interesting that all the sports that he excels in are not that interesting to him but the one that he doesn’t is now his favorite. I have been told by him that I need to buy a Lacrosse stick to help him practice in our yard. His first game is in 3 weeks. There will be some bench time.
Lee, Kevin, Daniel , and I made a freaking great pact. When we really go through with it. I will document everything

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