So my laptop and desktop blew on the same day! Fuck
Started the nuvaring birth control two weeks ago. All this modern technology and scientific invention. Can’t they fucking make a birth control device that doesn’t make you look like you’ve been eating fudge cake everyday? Also , I can be depressed and angry all by myself, do I really need extra emotional bullshit just because I want to be on birth control!

This Thanksgiving took the cake. The level of anxiety was at an all time high. Everyone fighting. The dinner was a disaster. The turkey was ready three hours before anything else. At one point , the teenager is yelling, my sister is yelling. My mother is doing the “whoa is me speech “! Then I started screaming. My son and nephew claim that they were being used as child labor by my dad. Then top all the stress and tension with my mother throwing up after eating my nephew’s spicy wings.
I am exhausted every time I get home from family . I love them all but the Latin drama is so draining!

Happy Thanksgiving! Jackson and I are in North Carolina visiting family. He would always complain about flying but after the 25 hour flights to and from Thailand he is happy as a clam with these short flights! Welcome to the land of crazy. I know I can be nuts. My sister is definitely nuts. Her kids are also a bit nuts. And then my mother is the queen of crazy ! Just a small example. My sister is putting in an addition to her house. Due to this she has had to pack up her furniture, kitchen stuff etc. My mother calls me last night. ” is your sister baking an apple pie? Me: No mom her kitchen is unusable. Mom : But she always bakes a pie. Me: mom all of her kitchen things are packed in boxes. We will buy one. Mom: i cant believe shes not going to bake a pie. ” now for my mothers conversation add a Colombian accent and the tone that life is so depressing amd hard. Urgh
Jackson , sorry buddy but you have crazy and both sides of the gene pool! ”

I promised myself when I moved to New Orleans that I would not go to Harrahs and gamble. Well after 9 years I broke. I have been there twice in one week. Well I am up $100. I rallied after being down $400. I love poker but at the casinos I usually play blackjack . So addicting

Listen up investors! I think you will be pleased with October’s dividends ! It’s been a slow increase since last year but it’s increasing! Very pleased! I have got to change things up a bit with the girls. We are cultivating great team work but no superstars ! I want to see a few rock star Coyotes! I have no idea who I am going to take to help open Milwaukee. Our A team now are great sellers and hard workers but I miss the days of watching a girl and not being able to take my eyes off her cause she is an unbelievable entertainer!

A glimpse into PMS:
The Coyote Truck pulls up to my house to pick up it’s fitted tool box: ” Jackson get in the truck I need to take pictures of you with the truck before I sell it”
“Trey do you think I am an idiot? I know you weren’t alone at Taco Bell”
” Everyone is out to get me”
” That was a good truck. A company couldn’t ask more from a truck!”
Hello Period!

Hot damn! San Antonio rocked ! I am also very pleased with Okc. Good job. The only bar a bit down for a Wednesday was Denver but I loved that the GM said they really tried hard considering it was slow. Sometimes it’s the slow nights that make you a great seller!

Yes I am a dumb ass ! I left my car lights on so I am waiting to get my car jumped in the airport parking lot. The roadside assistance woman said ” I am so sorry that the car is not functioning properly. Can I ask what the problem is?” ” miss there’s nothing wrong with the car other then I am an idiot!” I swear the woman didn’t know what to say after that!
I went to Las Vegas to meet the new owners of the Coyote Ugly there. Our meeting coincided with the Vegas 9 year anniversary. I was shocked that they didn’t even have a party to celebrate that. I would love to go out there again and organize a party for that bar! 9 years! That’s a great accomplishment in this industry!
New Orleans freaking rocked last night! Thanks Marines! Be safe and be proud.

I can’t win! Last night got to the airport for my flight to Vegas. I forgot my fucking ID so I had to head home . When I got home I called expedia and was able to confirm an early morning flight. ( by the way my wallet was in my liquids ziplock the whole time, I am an idiot). I am at the airport today and it is overrun with senior citizens. I almost missed my flight because the group of them ahead of me had over packed their check in bags and weren’t willing to pay extra! What a freaking clusterfuck! It is comical when the old ladies get pissed off!

Was ” the situation” from Jersey Shore ” Coked” up on the Today Show this morning? I couldn’t stop watching him sniff and talk.
I went out with Jess, Jazz, and Lala last night! The New Orleans bar is going to miss Jess when she goes back to Austin.

Those are the Saints I love! Big win! We needed that.
Jackson and I donated some of his toys to the childrens hospital yesterday. Can you donate candy? If I don’t get all this hallow wen candy out of the house I am going to explode.
Last night at 11 pm my house alarm went off. I grabbed Jackson and called the cops to come over. I locked him in one of the bedrooms and all I had to give him to protect himself was bear mace. Scary