Lil Spill

November 10, 2010

Yes I am a dumb ass ! I left my car lights on so I am waiting to get my car jumped in the airport parking lot. The roadside assistance woman said ” I am so sorry that the car is not functioning properly. Can I ask what the problem is?” ” miss there’s nothing wrong with the car other then I am an idiot!” I swear the woman didn’t know what to say after that!
I went to Las Vegas to meet the new owners of the Coyote Ugly there. Our meeting coincided with the Vegas 9 year anniversary. I was shocked that they didn’t even have a party to celebrate that. I would love to go out there again and organize a party for that bar! 9 years! That’s a great accomplishment in this industry!
New Orleans freaking rocked last night! Thanks Marines! Be safe and be proud.

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