Lil Spill

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Jackson and I are in North Carolina visiting family. He would always complain about flying but after the 25 hour flights to and from Thailand he is happy as a clam with these short flights! Welcome to the land of crazy. I know I can be nuts. My sister is definitely nuts. Her kids are also a bit nuts. And then my mother is the queen of crazy ! Just a small example. My sister is putting in an addition to her house. Due to this she has had to pack up her furniture, kitchen stuff etc. My mother calls me last night. ” is your sister baking an apple pie? Me: No mom her kitchen is unusable. Mom : But she always bakes a pie. Me: mom all of her kitchen things are packed in boxes. We will buy one. Mom: i cant believe shes not going to bake a pie. ” now for my mothers conversation add a Colombian accent and the tone that life is so depressing amd hard. Urgh
Jackson , sorry buddy but you have crazy and both sides of the gene pool! ”

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