Just received an analysis of Memphis’ expenses by Daniel. I wonder do the analysts for Hard Rock write ” sales are up 40% my dick is getting hard” ? ” your doing a great job so I will refrain in calling you a retard.” Are these normal phrases for big corporations? It’s just a matter of time before there is litigation over Daniel’s verbiage . ” Ms Lovell have you ever heard Daniel use terms like “retard” “eye fuck” ” dumb ass” to employees?”

Now my real sex dream can become a reality!
It appears “Team Jacob” is a fan of “Team Black and Gold.”
Teen heartthrob and star of the “Twilight” movies Taylor Lautner was spotted at Saints practice on Thursday afternoon.
Lautner, who plays the werewolf Jacob in the hugely successful film series, is reportedly in town for the filming of the fourth film, “Breaking Dawn.”
Lautner was spotted hanging out at the back of coach Sean Payton’s news conference. He also watched the team practice.
The teen star was also seen
on the sidelines with Payton
during Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns.

I am so in lust with Taylor. I hate the term cougar but I will cougar him!

The bars sucked last night! Hoping it’s the calm before the storm of this weekend. I am really impressed with Jess from Austin. She’s the interim Gm for New Orleans until Katie gets here. She has really stepped up. I am proud of her.
I had a sex dream about Kevin. When I woke up I was disgusted with myself! It’s not that exclusive a group. I have had sex dreams with Brad and Angie, recently Russel Brand, i even had a sex dream about Bill Clinton once. Lol I think the dream is fueled by the Twilight movies. Kevin spent the majority of our Thailand trip without a shirt on. He’s obviously very proud of his muscles . I felt like we were in the movie and he was the Jacob character. ” do you ever wear a shirt?”
Women are so different. Even when I go to the beach I have to strategically enter and exit the water so people don’t see my backside.

Way to go San Antonio. 100 bodyshots and 2 tidal waves. Awesome! Why the fuck anyone buys tidal waves I will never know. But then why do people buy drinks out of my socks?
Today is Jackson’s 11th birthday. Heading out for Pizza and ice cream

What a long day. I got my guide book and decided that we should go to the Grand Palace and temples. Bangkok is so crowded. I have never seen so much traffic. It took us almost an hour to get 6 miles in a cab to the Palace. Outside the palace a man dressed in a uniform came right up to us telling us that the palace was closed until two but that his friend would take us on a tour of all the sites. I grabbed Jackson and said ” no” pushing Jackson to move forward in the crowd away from this man. Well this man wasn’t the only one pulling this scam. It was almost impossible to actually get into the Palace without being bullied by these people. Jackson was a bit bewildered because at our hotel the people were truly the nicest people we had ever met. Jackson was getting upset that I was pushing him but all the New Yorker in me knew these people were scammers.
The actual palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha were gorgeous. Afterward we walked around in the pouring rain going through the local markets. I love the different culture, the weird foods and smells. I cant wait to get out of the hecticness of Bangkok and into the Thai country with the elephants!

Ok just boarded flight to Tokyo. We are only 22 hours from landing in Bangkok!
Last week I terminated a manager. I can only imagine what shit is going on in her life . She is past due on rent. I just found out that she has been borrowing money from staff. Now I just received a letter asking us to garnish her wages. It seems to me that her life is in turmoil . I would surmise that this turmoil contributed to her demise with the company . Oh what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive!

Hot damn. Trying to get all my work done and prepare for my trip tomorrow. Jackson, Kevin and I are going to Thailand to volunteer with a project that helps overworked elephants. It just hit me today, I am really excited about this.
I am so annoyed at the Milwaukee situation. The aldermen council would not approve us playing music on our roof deck. Really? Are you freaking kidding me? Every bar on that street has outdoor patios blaring music and we cant even have ANY MUSIC on our roof deck. Total Bulls…!

An evening staff party for the San Antonio bar turned into a sex fest. Between 4 and 6 people were fired. That is definitely a version of Coyote Ugly. I bet in the morning the girls were thinking ” shit. I fucked my coworker. My manager found out and I am out of a job. AND he’s not even good-looking ” lol

Boring work emails all day! On my flight from Germany to Chicago I watched 3 movies. None of them were good movies but I made some important decisions. 1. I am on team Jacob ( he’s so much hotter then Edward) 2. I truly would pay to sleep with Russel Crowe) 3. Adam sandler hasn’t made a good movie in years.

Holla! I am back. I got home at midnight last night. The St Petersburg, Russia bar is freaking rocking. The numbers are crazy good. They are crushing the Moscow bar. And for that matter most of the US bars! The Moscow girls made me a homemade collage that was so gorgeous. They put so much time into it , that just warms my heart! So this morning I had to get up and terminate Someone. Welcome home!
Jess from Austin is in New Orleans. I met her today and noticed that her haircut is just like mine. ” lil myself and 4 others girls from Austin donated our hair last week. We all have the same haircut! ” great this is the new Coyote Ugly look

You just haven’t lived unless you have made a fool of yourself on another continent! Yup!
The St. Petersburg bar opening went very well. Very crowded. They brought some Moscow girls to help with training. I am very impressed with them. If there is any complaint it’s that they are on the mic too much. But really they are very good. The bar is gorgeous. They did a great job. I spoke with Kevin and asked why our bars don’t look as good ? His answer ” your cheap ” ok I can’t argue with that!