Lil Spill

October 15, 2010

What a long day. I got my guide book and decided that we should go to the Grand Palace and temples. Bangkok is so crowded. I have never seen so much traffic. It took us almost an hour to get 6 miles in a cab to the Palace. Outside the palace a man dressed in a uniform came right up to us telling us that the palace was closed until two but that his friend would take us on a tour of all the sites. I grabbed Jackson and said ” no” pushing Jackson to move forward in the crowd away from this man. Well this man wasn’t the only one pulling this scam. It was almost impossible to actually get into the Palace without being bullied by these people. Jackson was a bit bewildered because at our hotel the people were truly the nicest people we had ever met. Jackson was getting upset that I was pushing him but all the New Yorker in me knew these people were scammers.
The actual palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha were gorgeous. Afterward we walked around in the pouring rain going through the local markets. I love the different culture, the weird foods and smells. I cant wait to get out of the hecticness of Bangkok and into the Thai country with the elephants!

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