Lil Spill

October 29, 2010

The bars sucked last night! Hoping it’s the calm before the storm of this weekend. I am really impressed with Jess from Austin. She’s the interim Gm for New Orleans until Katie gets here. She has really stepped up. I am proud of her.
I had a sex dream about Kevin. When I woke up I was disgusted with myself! It’s not that exclusive a group. I have had sex dreams with Brad and Angie, recently Russel Brand, i even had a sex dream about Bill Clinton once. Lol I think the dream is fueled by the Twilight movies. Kevin spent the majority of our Thailand trip without a shirt on. He’s obviously very proud of his muscles . I felt like we were in the movie and he was the Jacob character. ” do you ever wear a shirt?”
Women are so different. Even when I go to the beach I have to strategically enter and exit the water so people don’t see my backside.

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