Lil Spill

February 12, 2010

By the way, if I didn’t already mention this, I had a ball at the NY anniversary. The girls looked great. A lot of new bouncers. And I got to see so many old friends. I love that. How great to have regulars come into one of your bars that were coming there 17 years ago!!! Awesome. Of course I got too drunk and my friend molly ( worked at Coyote 17 years ago) also got drunk. But at least it was just her who threw up in the morning!!!

I was asked to post my Buffalo Chicken wing recipe. Now this might sound strange but I guard this recipe with my life. I guess my fear is that one day some of the chains will get it right and ruin it for the Coyotes with kitchens. But in the spirit of giving I will give two bits of advice about making buffalo chicken wings . 1. DO NOT BATTER THEM!!! This is a reoccurring mistake at tons of restaurants. There is no need. 2. when deep frying the wings dont do the recommended 9 minutes do 13 minutes ( with a good fryer) They taste better a little crispier.

Had Mardi Gras kickoff meeting tonight. Good luck to everyone working Mardi Gras and to all the bar!!! Lets make some money!

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