Lil Spill

February 10, 2010

I am so jealous!!! Drew Brees went to another bar after the victory parade and taught them the saints pregame chant. God Damn it I wish he came to the New Orleans Coyote!!! Jackson, myself , one of his little friends, and his parents walked to the victory parade. In New Orleans part of normal life is going to parades. They have parades all the time, obviously Mardi Gras being the biggest parade season. I have never seen a parade so crowded. It was fun bringing the kids there. They were both wearing their Drew Brees jerseys and waving saints flags. But fuck it was crowded. I could barely see anything. I actually put jackson on my shoulders. He’s 66 lbs I am about 110 lbs. Let’s just say that sucked!! I handed Jackson my camera and his friend who was on his dad’s shoulder’s my phone camera. I asked them to take video and pictures. Gabe who was obviously higher up since he was on his dad’s shoulder took only short 3 second clips. Jackson thought it was funny to take pictures of the tops of people’s head. Out of 100 pictures and videos I swear there are only two good ones. I am glad that my son and I were able to actually be part of New Orleans history but damn I could of seen more on TV without waking up with severe back pain!!!

Regardless, I am still in an emotional state after the big win. Jackson asked me the other day why people keep on saying that this win signifies New Orleans being back?  He has blocked out a lot of what happened during Katrina. When we moved back we would drive past abandoned or destroyed houses every day. Some of his friends lost their houses. But in his little mind he was so happy to be back home. Most of his friends moved back home and his life slowly got back to normal. So my answer was this:  in a city where so many people lost everything, for 2 hours every Sunday they had hope. For 2 hours every sunday they got to forget their problems. And the most important thing was for 2 hours every Sunday noone could say that New Orleaneans were losers or their city was a mess. For those two hours every Sunday , in a city that was almost destroyed we got to compete with everyone else and now regardless of Katrina  OUR little city’s football team are world champions!!!

All this partying and celebrating has me so backed up on work. Plus mardi gras is on. Some of the traveling staff started showing up today. I am going to stop by the bar tomorrow and Friday to helpgive the managers a break but I need some time to recuperate!! Lee and I are customizing my bike to tour around with. Man it is going to look sweet. Very retro!!! Mardi Gras then Daytona Bike week!!!

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