Lil Spill

February 11, 2010

This morning I made a very off colored joke. Trey was telling me that some of his employees are Jesus freaks and they all wear bracelets that have the  initials WWJD on them. ( what would Jesus do) I may have written this before. Well today I was in a joking mood and I said to Trey how about ordering a WWJD cock ring? I know my mother would be disgraced but I am who I am. Well I get a call from the NY bar’s bank today saying that a man found a bundle of money with a NY bar deposit slip on it. I called Jacqui immediately and she has been frantic retracing her steps looking for it. It ends up that Jacqui went to church this morning to light candles and the man found it in church. Jacqui promptly called me and said ” do you think the money and the cock ring comment are related?” The lord works in mysterious ways.  For all the christian people out there sometimes my mouth lacks a censor!! Also for the record although I do not lean toward any religion I do respect those who do!!

Ft Lauderdale seems to be rallying. Awesome

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