Lil Spill

December 21, 2009

We were invited by Jamie Tebbe, owner of Pro Style Financial, to go to the Saints- Cowboys game on saturday night. What a day. Jamie is a financial advisor for many pro athletes and I got to meet some of the athletes that invest in the various Coyotes. I met Orlando Scandrick a corner back for the cowboys,Jay Ratliff Defensive end for the cowboys. Bobby McCray, defensive end for the Saints. And possible future investor Pierre thomas, running back, for the New Orleans saints.

What a game! We were in Bobby McCray’s suite with his freinds and family. The next suite over was Reggie Bush’s suite. Kim Kardashian kept going back and forth from Reggie’s suite to ours. She’s tiny and I would describe her butt as a bubble butt its not wide at all. Regardless, my team lost!! But after the game we met up with a few saints players and I have a new prospective. They really want to win the superbowl. There is determination there. In fact when I was specking with a few of the players, there doesn’t even seem to be doubt that they will get to the superbowl. I felt a sense of relief that they arent still chasing the undefeated season so that some of their injured players can rest and be ready for the play offs. Even though we lost I left that night thinking that this was a good thing!!! GO SAINTS!!!

By the way it really sucks when a 6’5′ Defensive end asks you why Oklahoma dividends went down last month. ” I promised that the dividends will go up after the first of the year so OKC get your game on!!” By the way, the players that invested in Nashville are very happy. Thanks Nashville!!

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