Lil Spill

December 17, 2009

Yesterday I received a call from ABC’s show Nightline. They were doing a piece on Elizabeth Gilbert to promote her new book. They asked if they could take some B roll at the NY bar as a backdrop for things that have impacted her life. If your not familiar with Liz, she wrote a bestselling book called Eat, Pray, Love. (Julia Roberts was signed to play Liz in the movie adaptation of the book. ) Liz worked for me years ago when the bar was only a year or two old. A few years after she stopped working at Coyote , she wrote an article for GQ magazine called ” The Muse of Coyote Ugly” . We have it on the press part of the website. Its so funny but yesterday I had Juliana, NY AM, make sure that their were old pictures of Liz up at the bar for her interview on Nightline. Juliana kept emailing me pictures of the old photos on the wall of Liz, myself and other bartenders during that time. So needless to say, during the last day I have been in a ” walk down memory lane” mood. Juliana sent me a picture of Liz, myself, Chris, and Dawn from the first year. I look like I am twelve years old in that picture. When I look at the 4 of us I think about how different each of us was and is today. Liz, was always a writer. She bartended so she could write. Smart as a whip. She used to love writting on the sandwich board outside. ” Free Pony rides” ” Roaches check in but they don’t check out.” People would actual come in asking about the pony rides?  Everyone knew that Coyote was a temporary stop for her. Obviously her achievements have eclipsed most peoples. Chris was one of my best friends.She was one of my roomates before I opened Coyote. ( she used to date John Stewert before he was huge)She was and is  Gorgeous. She drank too much on her shifts but the customers loved her. I used to speak to her all the time but I haven’t heard from her in a couple of years . I need to find her and reconnect. Dawn was NUTS. Really just nuts. People knew if they came in to visit her on her shifts that they would be staying all night long and that they better expect a 3 day hangover. Out of the thousands of girls that have worked for me there are 3 girls that make the outragously wild category 1. DawnNY 2. kasi NY 3. Jolene New Orleans. The last I heard about Dawn was that she moved to New Mexico. I hope she is doing well.( I have this faint memory of Dawn and her live in boyfriend breaking up. The reason it is faint because she was so upset that she would come down to the bar every day when I opened ( not her shifts) and start drinking. Unfortunately, I would join her.)

I could go on all day so I will stop!

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