Lil Spill

December 15, 2009

Latin family drama. My mother is at an all time high with the drama calls. ” Lilianita, your dad is sick. What will I do if he dies. Bury me next to him.” ” Mom, he just has a cold.” ” Lilianita, I can’t afford to go to the gym. What am I going to do? ” ” Lilianita I need a ticket to Colombia to visit my brother. Everyday I cry about my mother and my brother.” The melancholy and drama is getting worse. When we were little and my mom’s mother died , my mom wore black for 3 years. 3 YEARS!! One day I said to her ” Mom would you please start wearing normal clothes.” To this day she will say ” You hurt me so much when you told me to dress with colors.” When my childhood dog died my mother built a shrine for him. I went to Colombia when I was 11 years old , by myself, to visit my relatives. In the first week  my aunt’s ( my mom’s brother’s wife) mom died and the pope died. They slept for three days in the funeral home and people were crying and collapsing in the streets. My aunt complained to my mom that I wasn’t emotional enough. My mother called me and told me that I better start crying more or I would get punished! The other day my mother left me a 5 minute message. 5 minutes on my voicemail. I know I should be more understanding but the constant melancholy is so draining. In my mother’s defense there is a long line of drama in her family.

She is going to read this and then I am in deep shit. Doesn’t matter how old you are , your mother still has a way of torturing you. Last year , my sister ( the saint in the family) was driving my mother around . They got back to my sister’s house and my mother proceeded to complain that my sister hadn’t taken her to another place she wanted to go. My mother just kept at it until my sister in a frenzy put my mother in her car and ended up driving over her own dog. Thank god the dog ended up living.

Now I will call my mother.

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