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December 14, 2009

I sent Lee to OKC this weekend. A very bad report came back. I can’t say I am surprised because that’s why I sent him. The girls got a good review but a lot of other things were really falling apart. Now its put up or shut up time.  I know that bar can be great but it can’t just manage itself. urgh

I am reading Dennis Leary’s new book, ” Why We Suck.” It is hysterical. Some of the things he talks about are exactly what my friends and I talk about. He covers everything from race, child rearing, celebrity  and lack there of childrearing, politics, oprah, and what makes men and women different. I love the pictures of the male and the female brains in the book. Too funny.

This is an excerpt from the book;

“Our ( men) emotional makeup is made up of sports and sports memories. We don’t cry unless our favorite player is forced to retire or we’re watching a movie ABOUT a sport or favorite player who retires or any movie connected to baseball- which reminds us of our dads. You may wonder why your man wont shed a tear while you collapse on his shoulder during Leonardo Di Pussio’s death by freezing ocean in titanic but stick a ” Field of Dreams” and fast forward to the scene where Kevin Costner plays catch with his dad? That’s a different story…” Then he recoomends to women to buy a movie called “Brian’s Song” ( another sports movie) and watch your man crumble into tears.

Really some very funny things in this book. Laughter truly is the best medicine!brains

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