Lil Spill

October 22, 2009

Pretty good showing from the bars. Kellor sent a managers log that was so positive, I love that. I love when everything falls into place and you leave work proud of the staff and proud of yourself!! Go Austin ! Last night the Denver bar had what we called a ” do over” anniversary party because at their real anniversary party there was a storm that kept everyone inside. Well of course last night there was another snowstorm and they had a mediocre night. Well if you combine the two anniversary parties it makes one good party. Memphis had a good wednesday, supposedly they had to ID a ton of people because the Miley Cyrus concert was in town. I do not begrudge anyone their success but I don’t get the Miley phenomenom. Is this because kids are watching more cable tv and these kid actors are getting more exposure? Is this because parents are overnurturing their kids so they are willing to pay all this money for concerts. Who knows?

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