Lil Spill

October 19, 2009

What a busy week. Jackson was off last week so I took him to hang with his cousins in Raleigh. I flew home late Wednesday night and had to leave early on Thursday to go to Lodi, Ca for a wedding. Of course I didn’t arrive due to delays till midnight in Lodi. Lodi is a small quaint town. It is where they grow grapes specifically for Red Zinfindel wines. On Friday at our hotel a wine expert gave Trey and I an in depth lesson on wine tasting. I realize now that anyone who actually knows anything about wines must of known that i was full of shit when I have tasted wine at a restaurant!
Saturday I told Trey was my day. I wanted to hit Woodbridge, Robert Mondavi winery and see the whole process of wine making. Trey agreed but he was very clear to say that he felt out of his element. Well we go the 5 miles to the winery and as we approach there are hundreds of bikers in front of it. I was like ” what the fuck is going on? Did Coyote land follow me to this winery?” Well it ends up that the winery was holding the 7th annual chili cookoff and car show. It was like god handed Trey a huge free pass. We ended up eating chili all day and looking at antique cars. We didn’t even drink one glass of wine. ” Man Trey lucked out!” I can’t lie, it was a lot of fun but I feel jipped because this was supposed to be a boyfriend showing support for his girlfriend. ( You know what I mean. You see these suckers in every mall watching their girlfriends try on clothes or dress up and do the classy cocktails with their girlfriends. And the worst boyfriend suck up is going to the movies to see the chick flick; Atonement, Terms of Endearment, or The Reader instead of The Hangover or any Seth Rogen film. ) Damn Trey was supposed to be the whipped boyfriend that day!! Damn it he totally got out of it!!! He actually loves wineries now! Lol

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