Lil Spill


Not a very eventful weekend. Bars did alright. New GM of Austin that I have yet to meet. I need to make an effort to meet this guy.
My son told me this weekend that his dad imparted some important wisdom on him. ” If you get the feeling that a girl is going to break up with you then breakup with her first.” I started laughing ” that’s the wisdom your dad gave you? oh boy.” Heartbreak happens even if you get the edge and break up with them first. I told Jackson ” you will break some hearts and your heart will be broken as well. That’s just part of life.
Tomorrow Jackson is turning 10. I have been a bit weepy all day. My big boy is growing up. I bought him a book last week entitled ” Werewolf A Manual for the First Biten”. He is now obsessed with werewolves and is waiting for puberty when a pureblood werewolf will start his/her transformation. ” Jackson your parents would have to be werewolves for that to happen. ” mom I know you are not a werewolve because you would of died and killed me in the womb during your monthly transformation process. But who knows maybe dad is a werewolf.” Ok lets see !
Daniel being the politically correct guy that he is wrote a letter to he girls going to Russian about scanning in their passports for the visa process. ” Try not to be computer tarded” was the exact wording in his email. Today I went to Kinkos ( fedex office) and it took me 45 minutes to figure out how to scan my freaking passport. Yes I am now computer tarded!

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