Lil Spill

October 6, 2009

Some funny stuff going on. A few months ago one of my attorneys was concerned that someone else put in an application for our trademark in Japan and this company according to our Japanese lawyers was called Agree Inc. After doing the research and not finding any information they realized that it was a matter of accent. What he was interpreting as Aug gree inc was actually a pronounced Japanese accent saying Ugly Inc. So this whole time there was no competitor to our trademark, it was Ugly Inc , my company. LOL
Oh man Lee has not changed one bit. The other day he sent me a design for a new motorcycle glove that he loved. I didn’t love it but he asked me to show Trey the design and get his imput. I said ” Lee , Trey is an old time biker. He didn’t like the old design I don’t think he will be honest.” ” But Lil he loved the old design.” ” No Lee he was trying to be nice. But I will send it to him and urge him to be honest in either direction.” So I sent it to Trey and his first response was that as a harley rider the gloves were more designed for motorcross riders.” Lee only hears what he wants to hear. Today we are going back and forth on some projects that have been put on the back burner. Instead of just being honest and saying he dropped the ball , it has turned to me dropping the ball. ” Send me all he contact information I am more then willing to unburden you.” Nobody likes criticism but usually age turns it into motivation. That hasn’t seemed to happen yet.
As I was reviewing my scores on the test I took yesterday I acknowledged that the mind of an employee may be different to the mind of a boss. I am probably freer to answer in a more assertive way. And who knows how well I would take criticism?

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