Lil Spill

August 23, 2009

So I made the mistake by starting a facebook page a few days ago. What a mistake. Anyone ever associated with Coyote is emailing me. I feel like it is not appropriate to be communicating on facebook with my employees. All I wanted to do was try and find some old friends from high school and college and so far I have not found anyone I have looked for.
Stressful. Lee old me that he has given up on it. I understand why.We are redoing our corporate picture. Sapranos meets poker. Is it wrong to buy a pinstriped suit keep the tags on and return it? I won’t do that, I’m a shopoholic I will have o keep he suit even if I never wear it.
OKC had a rough night last night. A few tragedies with family members of staff. Aloha went out. Tabs missing. Ice machine down. I remember managing on nights like those. Now I laugh but in the midst of a Saturday night and everything is falling apart i’s like your in a personal hell

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