Lil Spill

August 22, 2009

A friend of mine manages another company. ( not a bar). We are always going back and forth with issues that occur with the workers. He just called me this morning livid at his assistant. This particular guy is a Jesus fanatic and wears bracelets with Jesus motos etc . The call he just gave me was freaking hysterical. He was irate because this guy did very poorly at organizing his workday. After he explained to me the situation he ranted to me as if he was speaking to his subordinate ” … what would Jesus do, hank?” ” Isn’t that what you are always telling me and your kids? So really Hank, what would Jesus do? Would Jesus let his job go to hell?” ” Really Hank is that what Jesus would do?” I was roaring laughing because I started chiming in ” Hank, Jesus was the epitome of a people’s manager. He would have all the apostles working to make sure the job got done.” “Hank, Jesus knew how to delegate authority. Haven’t you learned anything from Jesus?”
I know I will get hell for this spill but it really was funny at the time and being very religious doesn’t mean that you are exempt at doing your job.
. I can only imagine calling one of my people and saying ” Kevin, really what would Jesus do to get your job done?” ” Daniel, do you think the lord does such a shoddy job?” Funny

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