Lil Spill

August 11, 2009

Only a week ago I felt like we were on a roll. Things were really falling into place. Now this week I feel like things have slowed down. Jackson goes back to school next week so I am going to start going around to the bars. I need to feel busy . I got a call last week about one of the New Orleans girls quiting after 3 years of working for us. Chantel was upset over it but in my mind we have to face reality. This is a bartending job and most people move on to other things. Unless they have aspirations in management then you have to expect that they will get bored or just move on to greener pastures. I say Good Luck and hope you come in as a customer.
I got a speeding ticket on Saturday. I was so pissed. Jackson was in the car and afterwards I said that I was pissed off. He said ” mom can’t you just say P O’d instead of using such bad language?” Ok so I am PO’d

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