Lil Spill

August 6, 2009

You know you are in the country when your apartment is inundated with crickets instead of roaches. I went to help Trey set up his new apartment and there were crickets all over the place. I grew up in an apartment until I was 12. Then promptly I moved back into an apartment at 17. I am used to roaches. Crickets do seem cleaner but they hop.
Trying to help figure out the liquor trends in Russia. I will probably go out there in September. I don’t know if the ” no pussy drinks” rule applies to a country that downs Vodka like water. One of the women involved in the Moscow license made me laugh so hard. Kevin was suggesting a lower level cigar / smoking area for some semi unusable space in the moscow parcel. Her response was ” there is no such thing as smoking rooms in Russia. People can smoke in the hospital after a heart attack.” LOL

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