Lil Spill

August 7, 2009

Slow day today. I went onto my lilspill emails and there were 35 pages for the last few days. 75% of that was junk mail. But I went far enough back to get a ” God is giving you a wake up call to raise your son to honor Jesus.” This email came after I wrote about my rafting trip with jackson and our near scarey experience. This woman went on in the email to tell me that it is our job as parents to make sure our kids believe in Jesus and prepare our children for the gift of Christ’s death on the cross. She then said that my rafting accident was God giving me a wake up call. I am sorry for her that the God she believes in would actually harm or scare someone into believing in him. That is not the God I know. So so nice of her to write me. She must be a godfearing woman just trying to help the heathen!
On another note. I have a new favorite show ” Hung” I am gaga over Thomas jane the lead character.
Slow day at work. Kevin is out in Denver because of the AC problems. I received a very complimentary email about Christhian and Nicole from Oklahoma.
I am going to post the radio conversation with our custom bike winner. Very funny

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