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Saturday, March 31, 2007

A lot of people must of watched the premiere of the new season last night. Between e-mails, texts, and calls I have been inundated. I did not watch the show but i heard it was very good. I got an e-mail from kyle today saying that the crowd was booing me because Jenn the fiddler did not get picked. ” I love jenn, she travels with me. She was in the calendar, she made the show. She got too nervous.”
Nothing funny, great or eventful to report. A calm day.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Chantel is in Nashville holding a bartending seminar. She called me yesterday, ” Lil you make a long Island Ice tea with 5 white liquors?” “Yes I do. so does jacqui” ” Well Daniel, lee and Kevin claim thats a Texas Tea” ” All I can tell you is that for the 100 years I have been bartending that’s how I made it and noone complained.” When I was in san Antonio the flairco guy, Dean, made a Rum and Coke with Lime. In my mind a Rum and Coke is simply rum and coke. When you add the lime it becomes a cuba libre. Just like the martini. Martini is a gin drink. You go to these restaurants and the drink menu says “blah blah martini” and the ingredients are Vodka, cranberry, and Orange juice. No thats a “madras” not a martini. Although on that note I never understood the appeal of a real martini. Gin with a splash of vermouth, pretty horrid tasting. Yet Gin with tonic is a refreshing beverage! Semantics
I am on line looking up high heeled shoes with proper support. I am officially turning into my grandmother. Yesterday I was wearing a dress and I realized that other then sneakers I have no shoes with less then a 3 inch heel. Well when one foot is in a casting boot, you tend not to be able to walk with the other foot in a high heeled shoe. If I only learned one thing yesterday, that was it.
People were very excited yesterday because they ran a marathon of last season’s show on VH1. Tonight is the premiere of season 2 on CMT. I think I may even cry in the first episode. Ah the drama!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I went to an orthopedic surgeon today that was highly recommended by 3 people. ( not to be snotty, but recommended by rich people so I know he’s good) This guy ( in his 60’s) looked like the classic mayor of a small southern town in the movies. He took the cast off and did a whole new series of x rays. When they were done he came in the room and he said
” Ms Lovell your sesamoid bone is broken into 3 seperate pieces. Do you know how rare that is?” (long breathe)
“Just so you understand this AIN’T never going to heal. If you were a horse I would have to take you around back and shoot you. But your not a horse so I can’t do that. Look Ms Lovell you may have gotten this last week or three years ago. We will never know. Surgery is just plain stupid . So let your body tell you. When it hurts, relax and stop using it. When it doesn’t , go back to exercising.”
This guy was hysterical. The good news is that I am now in a boot versus a cast. He said this particular bone that is broken is as small as a pea. He also said it is very likely that this happened years ago and I treated it like a sprained ankle so it felt better. I am going back in 10 days but he told me when it stops hurting to go walk on it.
“Ms Lovell who advised you up there in Denver?”
A podiatrist
” I should of figured that”

What the surgeon and the podiatrist agree on is that good shoes are important and orthodics!! When I told him I stopped eating red meat because of how it deteriorates calcium in your body. He looked at me like I had 5 heads
” Ms Lovell as your doctor I am giving you permission to eat read meat. ( under his breathe) what a load of horseshit.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes! Last night I said to Jackson ” thanks so much for helping me” His response: ” helping would mean that we are doing something together. I’m just doing it, not helping do it.” Obviously he put thought into that one.
I think I put too much pressure on my foot today cause it is hurting. Wow this sucks. Who knew using crutches was so hard? I am very active the next 6 weeks will be very hard for me. Tomorrow I am seeing a specialist, god I’m hoping he will tell me that this is all a mistake!!!
Las vegas get your pictures in for the calendar. I have everyone elses . I am very pleased that Vegas is starting to care about the website. They are finally sending in some pictures. Some of my bars haven’t updated their sites for a while. Today I spoke with the GM of Tampa, Todd. We were like two idiots. He was trying to instruct me on how to get to a certain ” Myspace” page. It took us about 15 minutes to figure it out. Nice to know he is a geek like me. The Tampa bar is very lucky to have him.
Off to do Jackson’s homework!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Went to Denver for the 2 year Denver anniversary. The girls had an angel/devil theme going. I had forgotten how pretty the girls are. They looked great. they tried really hard as well. It is so nice to see how many girls are still at the bar after two years. They love the bar even though there has been so much turnover in management. Ann , the AM, looked great. I gave her a power crystal so she could feel powerful and strong. She is a strong person normally but sometimes you need a little extra help. They have some great new security. Really funny great guys. All in all a great night. I am so proud of the Denver staff!!!
So last week before I went to Denver my foot had been hurting. I thought it was strained muscles from exercising too much so I did some extra stretching for three days and hoped it would go away. On Thursday when I arrived in Denver my foot really hurt and I was walking with a bit of a limp. ( high heels too) lee had convinced me that night that it was probably a bone spur, so I figured I would make an appointment with the doctor when I arrived back in New Orleans. Friday morning I woke up at around 5 am in my hotel room in Denver. I couldn’t walk and my foot was throbbing horribly. I knew that everyone was in meetings that day but I asked Lee if he could take me to the Emergency room in the afternoon. Well I missed a phone call from him and while I went to the emergency room alone he and kevin went to the movies. ( nice friends) It really sucks going to the ER by yourself. A few hours go by before they even see me but finally they did and they immediately took x rays. When the doctor first looked at the x rays he said that the bones looked fine so he was leaning toward Gout or a bad infection. He did a sonogram to find no liquid which ruled out both of those things. He then called in a specialist and the specialist said I did have a broken bone in the metatarsial area connected to the toe. He called it something ( sieznoid fracture, maybe). The break is from repeated movement during exercise. The movement puts stress on a certain area until it finally breaks. ( fucking elliptical machine) . To make a long story short, Kevin and Lee finally came to pick me up. The doctor put a cast on my foot. And now I am stuck for 6 weeks in this thing. The worst part of this was the next day. I woke up in severe pain and I had to take a plane home. it was so embarrassing getting put in a wheelchair everywhere I went. I was so thankful to come home. Jackson has been great with me. He helps me go up the stairs and runs and gets me things I need. so sweet. I have a new respect for people who are broken. This has been excruiating for the last four days. I can only imagine a broken rib or some part of your body that is hard to keep still?
An official thank you to Jacob. He has been shopping for me. Carrying me up and down the stairs. He has done the cooking and cleaning. It can’t be easy considering I have looked up nutrition associated with the healing of broken bones so my diet is quite complex. So thank you Jacob! Watching him run around the last few days has made me realize how much i actually do everyday. I have a new mantra : I am a powerhouse that is thin and fit! ( if I fucking get fat because of this I will freak!!)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And so it continues. I forgot to add Jacqui’s name as corporate employee. Sorry

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I am so annoyed. A bouncer from Ft. Lauderdale posed as a corporate member to the Miami staff and was allowed by the new AM to individually critique the girls. When J hen ( GM) showed up at the Miami bar, he immediately told the bouncer to get out and was not allowed entrance to the bar. J hen told Adrianna and then she terminated this employee. How fucking gullible do you have to be? I am so annoyed by this on two levels. One: that the am actually believed this. and two: it is so belittling for the girls to have some asshole critique them. I am so annoyed.
Just to be clear and I have said it a hundred times: Unless I call , anyone who claims they’re my sister, cousin, friend etc is a liar. Any friend or relative of mine would never come in and ask for free drinks or merch. People lie!! Know the facts. There are only a few corporate members: me, Kevin, Lee, Jeff W, Jeff M, Chantel, Daniel, Kyle, and Chris. Look for pictures of us on the website so you can recognize us. Be smart!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

We had a going away / employee party yesterday. It was fun we ate crawfish and then went down to the New Orleans bar. Very nice to see the staff. Travis is taking over as GM in New Orleans. He has gotten some old employees to come back to work one of them being a girl named Veronica. I get a text from Jeff M on friday saying that he just met her for the first time that night. About an hour later he sends another text message ” She’s nuts!!” Yes she is but that’s why we love her. There is a girl who works once in a while named Jessica. She was working last night. The men flock to her because of her butt. It’s like their hypnotized by it.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Every Bar did great I am so pleased. Still waiting on the numbers for Ny and New Orleans. Very pleased!!!
I would like to make an officail apology to Daniel. ” you are a great manager and teacher. I am very proud to have you work for my company”
Obviously I will have to do a fair share of ass kissing. ” Daniel you’re doing a great job in Denver. When I see you next week feel free to punch me in the face or better yet take a glove and slap me across the face. In olden days that was a big insult. And since I’m old it would seem appropriate”
What is interesting about all of this is my train of thought. ( I only slept 3 hours last night)
When I first got wind of Daniel being upset, I wrote him , called him and tried to reason with him. Well the next phase I went through was ” maybe this is just an excuse. Maybe daniel doesn’t like working for the company?” It’s unbelievably important to me that the corporate people love their jobs. ( everyone really) Then the third phase involved a memory from working at the NY bar. One night ( probably 12 years ago) I was bartending on a weekday night. If I recall someone called in sick so I had to fill in. Just to set the stage, in those days we did not have a bouncer on during the week but there were a ton of regulars there. Well that particular night a foreign man came in with his girlfriend. He was foreign because of an accent but he had the vibe of a seasoned New yorker. Right off the bat he ordered two drinks, great. Within 5 minutes he was insulting people around him and creating a lot of tension in the bar. So I kicked him out and returned to business as usual. Forty minutes go by and I go to the restroom. As I walked out into the dartboard area the man runs in the door holding a gun with a paper bag around it. He came right to me and said he was going to kill me because “no woman can insult him like that”. Within seconds about 10 regulars jumped in front of me and coaxed him out the doors. To this day I don’t know if he really had a gun. The regulars and I all debated this for weeks afterwards. Where I am going with this is that if I died that night there would be no big Coyote Ugly. No regional managers. No Lil Spill. And Daniel may be happier.
On the other hand, sleep is really important so maybe this is just the rantings of a mad woman?

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

I would like to give thanks to Nashville, San Antonio, and Austin. If it weren’t for these bars I would be hanging myself today after the numbers from the others. Painful!!!
I have had a few switches within the company. The AM of Miami moved back home and is AM of Nashville. The AM of Nashville moved back home and is the AM of Austin. Very funny to read their logs. Katie is now used to Kyle from Nashville. Kyle is very organized in the back of the house. Let’s just say Austin is not quite as organized. Mike is used to the energy of the Miami girls. Well he’s back to the sensitive capital of the world, Nashville, where the girls cry if you tell them their shoe is untied. Quite funny.
I moved Daniel, Chris B, and Kyle up to corporate. each of them having seperate jobs. Daniel is under Chantel as a regional manager. Chris Bodily is heading our marketing Department. And Kyle is our new Back of house guy. He will be auditing and organizing every office the same. They are all disctinct personalities. I absolutely love speaking to Chris. He is very upbeat and he gets a lot done in a very short amount of time. I have him visiting both the ft. Lauderdale bars and the Miami bars. Kyle I have known for years. He is soft spoken . Yesterday I asked him to do something and his answer was ” Oh I did that a few days ago .” Music to my ears. Daniel , what can one say about Daniel. He is very good at organizing the staff. Really an excellent manager. And I have found noone that does not have respect for him. But man his ego is the size of my house. ” Lil I singlehandedly have saved these bars.” ” Right Daniel, what ever you say.” I’m expecting next week a call ” Lil I think I deserve part of the company cause Coyote Ugly is nothing without me” All I can say is I feel for his girlfriend. Daniel also has Kevin B disease. He calls after 4 pm when Jackson is home. My business day starts at 8:30 am and goes til 4 pm when my son gets home. There are plenty of hours to call me during the day. Yes he’s a pain in the ass, but I love him and he does a great job.
I just realized something ! There are only 2 people in the company that I don’t have to continuely stroke their egos and that’s Jacqui and Chantel. Jacqui’s run the NY bar for years. I don’t have to call her every week and say ” good job. Wow you are incredible” And Chantel has worked for me for 5 years. I know I can be a straight shooter with her. For the first time ever I am realizing that the guys in corporate are as bad as the Coyotes. So sensitive. Full time job with Kevin and Lee now I have to add in stroking time for the others!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So a friend and I were discussing our persistent scary dreams. Hers revolve around volcanoes and floods. Mine revolve around rats attacking me . And (this is discusting) but having to walk barefoot through feces. My friend looked up on the internet the suggested meanings of these topics and I feel they really fit.
Her dreams are based on emotional uncertainty. I think it is more of a feeling of emotional eruption for herself and then that eruption taking place in front of others.
My dreams are very pertinent to how I have felt not only now but for many many years. The rats symbolize an attack by an enemy or perhaps a feeling that someone is betraying me that is a close acquinatnce.
The explanation about feces is very interesting.

Dreams containing feces may be odd, but they are not
uncommon. Feces represent those things which you no
longer need. Things which are currently garbage or
waste and need to be discarded. Generally, this dream
may represent healthy psychological progress. It may
indicate that you are cleansing yourself of
unnecessary and possibly hurtful attitudes, ideas and
emotions. In some cultures people believe that if you
are dreaming about feces you will soon prosper
financially (feces in the dream means money in the

I find that very interesting because of the changes I have undergone in my thirties. It is nice to hear a positive explanation even though when I wake after a dream like this I feel horrible and grossed out. I am also always barefoot in these dreams so I feel very unclean when I rise from sleep. Regardless, since this is the closest thing to therapy I have undergone in a long time, I would like to consider this personal progress!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

My son’s first detention. 1st grade. Saturday was the school fair, Fete francais. There was a period of about a half an hour that I could not find him and I was getting quite worried. Well the principle found him and she was not happy. The story was that he and two friends had taken spray paint and painted a set of cabinets right outside school property. Jackson is a good boy and he claimed that his only involvement was to urge them not to do it. About a half an hour later the principle came over to me and said she interviewed the three boys seperately and that the two other boys verified Jackson’s story that he was only trying to get them to stop. Today I had to speak with the principle and she said ” I know that jackson did not participate in the vandilisim but he should of gotten a teacher or told his parents.” So tomorrow he has to spend a few hours cleaning the school yard. Secretly I think he is happy about it because he gets out of his homework lessons. I hope this is not a foreshadowing of things to come. When the principle came up to me today and said that she needed to speak with me privately I felt like I was back in grade school getting punished.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

I can not get that ” Crazy Bitch” by Buck cherry song out of my head. I love the beat to it. I wonder if there is that little part inside of them ( the band) that gets embarrassed if their parents hear a song like that? Regardless I love that song.
My mantra today is ” I am a motherfucking powerhouse. And I will win at everything I do”
I have been in the dumps lately and I realized that it was all stemming from me. So to change my mood I need to refocus. And not only have I always wished to be a motherfucking powerhouse, I am a motherfucking powerhouse. And I will WIN at everything I do.” Namaste.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holy crap. . The bartenders and bouncers at the various bars are killing me. Why did I get fired? Why did someone else get fired? Why were the managers so mean to me? Why were the girls so mean to me? Why didn’t someone get fired? Why can’t I be manager? Again holy crap. Then the old “Lil so and so is sleeping with one of the girls.” My god!
Ok if someone got fired there was a damn good reason cause no one gets fired lightly. If a manager scolded you, you probably deserved it! If the girls were mean to you, I have no answer. Girls can be cruel, insensitive, and just plain mean. Or you’re too sensitive and it means nothing other then get back to work. If you want to be a manager, send your resume and talk to your present manager. And lastly, if someone slept with someone else tell your manager. If it is your manager then tell me but bring me more proof then ” I heard a rumor!” What a freaking day.
I wrote a blog about Jacob the other day. All my stalkers, sorry fans, got very angry. ” why don’t you ever talk about your boyfriend?” ” why do you keep your private life so private?” My response: This is it in a nut shell! Coyote Ugly is my business. My business alone. Everything that goes on in the Coyote Ugly world generates from me or my wonderful, nutty staff. Part of me does not want to share that with anyone else. I share stuff about my son because I can’t help but beam about him. But this business is about me. My dealings with the girls, the guys, the customers. That’s what makes it so nuts and fun! When I’m not traveling or working on new ventures, I am a soccer mom! I call myself a soccer mom but my son refuses to enter any extracurricular activities . He told me today that he spends most of the day at school and if he joined any after school activities that would take time away from being with me. There is 2 % of me that thinks this is full of shit but the other 98% thinks ” I have the best son in the world!” Regardless the world of Coyote Ugly does not need to hear about my personal life. There is so much that is a lot more interesting to talk about!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I just received my weekly issue of US magazine and who do I see but one of the franchiser’s picture with Britney Spears. LOL Her name wasn’t posted so I won’t post her name unless she wants me to.
I am very happy today. I woke up and I am feeling strong , determined and tan. I have been procrastinating with things recently so this morning I made myself a list and got almost everything accomplished.
This weekend my son’s school fair , FETE FRANCAISE, is being held at his school and I will be manning the wine booth from noon til 1:30.
Almost ever bar in my company did great last night. Nashville, rocking. San Antonio, Ft. Lauderdale and little Denver doing great. It’s so nice to open the managers logs when you see those kinds of numbers.
I received such a nice letter about my Charlotte GM , Chris. I personally take pride in hearing such nice words cause Charlotte has had some recent upheaval with staff . ” Charlotte staff. Just know that I trust Chris and I believe he really loves you guys and that bar. I back him 100%”
It’s a beautiful day to be alive. Yesterday I had a parent teacher conference and the teacher told me that my son has done a 180 degree change and that he is speaking french, reading french and all in all doing great!!! I am so happy.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Reading the news today. A few things quite horrifing. Two teenagers teaching a 2 and a 4 year old to smoke pot. I swear those two teenagers should be shot. The mother claims she was sleeping in the back bedroom. Of course she was sleeping she was probably stoned herself. Disgusting.
Man dismembers wife. People killed.
Do you know what also bothered me in the news? People are upset by a reading program that Pizza Hut set up many years ago. The program acts as a motivational tool that has teachers and students working to set goals in reading. When those goals are met the student receives a gift certificate for a pizza at Pizza Hut. The people who are upset with this program claim it is another company that perpetuates poor eating in a country that is being inundated with obesity in children. For god sakes the program is about helping children read. Changing the eating habits of americans is it’s own issue. I personally respect Pizza Hut for investing in a program like that. It shows marketing creativity that also helps others. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a health nut and very rarely do I eat junk food. But if the promise of a pizza once a month helps to motivate my child to read then great, let’s go get pizza as a family and celebrate!
Nashville, Memphis, Ft. Lauderdale, and Austin doing great last night!!!

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Things seem to be getting a bit back to normal. Jacob has been so great to me lately. When I was in Memphis he surprised me for Valentine’s day and gave me flowers. He has been helping me paint my bedroom. And giving me loads of foot rubs. It’s the little things that can really turn a hard day into a wonderul day. Now if I can get him to wear a tool belt while he’s painting then all my dreams will have come true!

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