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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Holy crap what a day! Jacob and I were in my car and some woman changes lanes and hits our back right tail light. We are on a busy street so we motion to her that we are going to pull over into the Lowes parking lot. We pull over and she decides to pull over as well but in the far lane on a very busy street. Asshole move but Fine. I get out of my car insurance in hand. When I cross the street she is speaking on the phone outside the car. As I walk up she jumps in her car closes her windows and locks the doors. I say to her ” Look we need to exchange information” She responds through a closed window, locked car ” you hit me. Get away from me I’m calling the cops.” I say a second time ” look I need your insurance” ” Again she responds ” get away from me” I swear it was like I came over with an ax in my hand. Of course at this point I respond with a few choice words and return to my car. I see a police car parked in the Lowes parking lot , I tell him what had transpired and he tells me that he will call a traffic officer to come to the scene. An hour goes by and no traffic officer. So I call my insurance agent tell them that she refuses to exchange information etc. Well finally the officer comes. I tell him what happened and I start laughing cause she wouldn’t even get out of the car for him. She at least rolled down her window a quarter of the way. The woman was completely nuts. I am watching her while she is locked in her car and she start popping pills and downing them with ice tea. What a freak! The officer comes to my car saying that he has faulted her for the accident etc. He also tells me that when she called the cops on her phone she told them it was a hit and run hoping to get me in trouble. I said “I have been here for two hours , I did not go anywhere, she is insane.” I saw by the look on his face that he felt the same way I did. The insurance adjusters called me later on that day it ends up she uses the same insurance company. I definitely got the feeling that this was not new for her. What a fucking freak!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

What an awesome anniversary party yesterday. Jeff got the band ” Trailer Choir” to sing. They were great. A lot of old faces showed up. The girls looked incredible. It was truly a great day. I have a feeling that a lot of people are feeling pretty hung over today. ” thanks so much girls for the wine glasses and decantur I love them. ” ( crystal with fleur de lis etched in the glass) A really special day.
Very proud!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Big party tomorrow. Jackson made a collage for the bar. So Cute.
I had a great meeting today about some possible nascar affliations! We are on the move. Nascar look out!!!
Going to bed early .
I love everyone tonight ( except for Denver managers, you’re really pissing me off) But staff I love you and I love your managers when they get their shit together.
Welcome John Henry in Miami. “Let’s make some money”

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

San Antonio with a kick ass night!!! I love that. It is nice to see a wednesday with Saturday night numbers.
” Mom if I had a disease that made me kick and scream involuntarily would you keep me home from school?” ” Well Jackson, I would inform the teachers about your disease and still send you to school.” ” But mom I would be a danger to all the kids and the teachers, you would have to keep me home.” ” Well Jackson I would hire you the best nurse and she could accompany you to school and make sure you and everyone else was safe.” ” Mom what if I had the disease where I involuntarily say bad words and I insult the teacher and kids all day?” ” Well Jackson , if you had that disease the words would probably come out in English so the teacher would not truly understand what you were saying. I would also tell the parents about your disease so they would explain to their kids your dilemna. And yes I would still send you to school.” This went on for about 15 minutes. ” Jackson everyone has to go to school.” ” mom the only thing I love about school is my friends and recess. How many more years of school do I have?” ” A very long time!” So funny. Everyday when I pick him up he is laughing and having fun with his classmates. His teacher said that his french is getting much better and he is doing well in school. But all kids have to make that attemp at staying home. It’s like a right of passage.
New Orleans anniversary party on Sunday 2pm!!! 5 years

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I would like to send congrats to two girls, Kat from Ft. Lauderdale and Nijiah ( who the fuck knows how to spell that). Kat entered a Findlandia bartending competition. She won and is being flown to Finland to compete in a competion that includes bartenders from all over the world. Nijiah won the New Orleans Budtender competion last night. The New Orleans bar has won this 3 out of 4 years we have entered!!! Congrats girls.
In San Antonio right now. the girls are quite cute here. Nice to see the same faces for a couple of years. Very good vibe from the staff at this bar.
I am still filming for season two of the reality show. I am not allowed to talk about what is going on but I will give you a phrase to categorize how today is going ” Watching the girls is PAINFUL”

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Friday, January 19, 2007

I had a lot of fun at the Ft. Lauderdale anniversary party. The girls looked gorgeous. They dressed up in 19th century female saloon apparel. They really looked beautiful. Thank you Ft Lauderdale for the monogramed card holder and beautiful key chain. I have been showing everyone. Those special presents really make me happy. By the way, I love you Miami girls for coming to Ft Lauderdale. I had a lot of fun talking to you guys.
I don’t think I have written about this in the spill but thank you Nashville. The nashville bar got me a personally signed fiddle from Charlie Daniels. Jeff M is getting it framed so i can put it in my office. So sweet. I am floored by the thought that went into that. I in return gave the managers there Omaha Steaks. Might seem cheesy but Kyle is a big Mother Fucker. Noone loves to bbq more then him.
This has been a really great week. I had a lot of fun at the lauderdale anniversary ( not as much fun as Kevin and Lee who were out at strip clubs til 6 am)
Tonight I went to a wine tasting at Jackson’s school. I had a really great time. Sometimes its nice to commiserate with the parents of Jackson’s accomplices.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shannon, the employee of the month, is very upset that I did not put a picture of him now because he is 40 lbs lighter. He also wanted me to mention the times he and I had cocktails together. I will say this, Shannon is very funny. The things he says while he is stationed at the door are hysterical. We used to have two Saras that worked at the New Orleans bar. Some man went up to Shannon and said ” Is Sara here?” Shannon’s response ” You mean Easy Sara or Really Easy Sara?” You can’t help but laugh at that. When we were filming at the house last year. He was the security person on duty from midnight to seven am. He had the girls so insecure by the end of the week. ” don’t worry I won’t tell anybody what you really think about them. Come on I know you don’t like …” The girls were so nervous around him. It was quite funny.

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Holy crap one day it’s 80 degrees the next day it is 45 degrees. I finally received my hard copy of the Calendar. Pretty damn good. There are two minor errors that I saw but for the most part I am very pleased. We were joking around about whose picture would be whose favorite. Maybe we will take a poll at some point.
I’ll be at the Ft. Lauderdale anniversary party tomorrow. ” Miami girls come and we will have a few drinks together”. I am hoping that we can nail a certain deal for the Myrtel Beach Bike show.
Jacob and I are going to a wine tasting on friday at Jackson’s school. Jacobs comments ” I hope we don’t have to spit the wine out” We are real sofisticated!”

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Holy Crap what a great game!! I am so happy the Saints won. Unless you live in New Orleans you have no idea how this team energizes this city, especially after Katrina!! So Happy. Not Happy with our new New Orleans GM. Staying out all night sleeping all day. Really pisses me off. 33 years old and acting like a child. ” Get your head in the game and grow up!”
The Coyote Ugly Nascar 18 wheeler ( sponsered by Loves stores and Wide Open energy drink) is in production. I just got some pictures today. Really cool!
A lot of great stuff happening this month!!!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Talk about a week that shakes your self confidence. At the anniversary party certain people, thinking they were complementing me, kept articulating ” you look so much better in person”. Now that might be a compliment to some but all that now runs through my mind is ” did I look that bad on the tv show?” Thank god I never watch it. Then yesterday I was at the New Orleans bar and I was joking around with Sascha, Chantel, and Tara. Someone said their back hurt from working I then said my back hurt because I had my period. Tara’s response to that was ” at least you still have it” implying that I am old and could be in menopause. I’m in my fucking thirties! That really pissed me off. My sentiment to that is that I am so glad Tara has so many friends that she is not scared to lose one. Good for her.
I’m over it !
I want to thank CMT and Touchdown Productions. I had ok’d a schedule not realizing the final dates landed on my son’s vacation. They went through a lot of trouble to make sure I was able to be with my son. Thank you.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I love having a Sunday day Anniversary party. It was great to be at the NY bar. The girls looked beautiful, as usual. And it was fun without being stressful. Some of my college friends came by. A few long time regulars came by. It was really great. We ended the night at my hotel bar, drinking more. I woke up in all my cloths on my hotel room floor with M and Ms next to me. I will be in complete detox mode until the Ft. lauderdale anniversary. January is a killer. 4 anniversaries in the month. Ft Lauderdale, Austin, New Orleans , and NY.
Today I have a full physical. I hope the alchohol is still not in my system , don’t want the doctor to think I’m an alchy. This is the fate of a mom. I don’t ever go out anymore. Jackson and I go to bed around 9 pm. So when I do go out, it’s a doozy. It is going to be a busy two months.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

So I was so happy to have received so many Happy Holiday greeting from people around the country. That’s a nice feeling to have during the holidays.
I have been getting a lot of e-mails from other people who don’t like to go out all the time, especially New years eve. Let me clarify what I actually did on New Years Eve . I watched 4 back to back episodes of the Everest series. 1. who the hell really wants to climb Mt. Everest? 2. If you have Asthma why do you want to climb Mt Everest and why do you want to climb it without the aid of oxygen tanks? 3. If you have no legs and climb Mt Everest is it really an advantage cause you don’t have as much to lose ? All questions I asked myself when I watched this. I understand the thrill of climbing ( not that I climb higher then the second floor of my house). But you are entering a world that is not made for human beings. The cold, the lack of ozygen, and the sheer treachery of the climb make me feel that anyone who does this is an idiot. I’m sorry but do you leave your family to chance this climb and risk leaving your children parentless? The people on this show seemed quite selfish. They had this biker guy who was not able to make it to the summit. During his hike up he was told by his team leader to turn back that he was risking not only his own life but the lives of others. He disobeyed his team leader and could have died. He never reached the summit. At the end of the story he said that he would return to try next year. If I was the team leader I would not allow him to return. One of the sherpas of the other team members could of died waiting for him. On TV I would of said Screw you, selfish jerk. The man with no legs had frostbite on his stumps and ended up having to get over an inch taken off his stumps becuase the frostbite was so severe. Was that alright? Does he miss that inch?
Why did I watch 4 episodes? Because it is like a train wreck. You can’t help but watch. Off to NY!!!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I am finally home!!! I was just looking over the New years Eve numbers I have to give Addrianna and Ft Lauderdale some mention. They were neck and neck with Memphis as the second highest ring for New Years Eve but they did not have a cover and Memphis did. So congrats Addrianna, awesome job!!!
There is only 1 bar that pissed me off with their New Years Eve numbers , Miami. I sent Daniel there to help out. I hope he wore his good luck red cap?
Congrats to Lyndsey from San Antonio she just had a beautiful baby!!
Am I a loser for never wanting to go out if I don’t have to? Even New years eve I would rather be in bed early if I don’t have to be at one of the bars. For god sakes, Been there Done that. I’m been hearing so much shit about not wanting to go out. When I was managing a bar at 22, I did the same thing. I would work 5 or 6 nights a week. When I closed I didn’t go out for breakfast or hit an after hours place like everyone else, I went home. On my days off I went to the movies and went home. This business can kill you. Now I’m old . I have a child and I would rather play with him during the day and go to bed early at night. You know what? Fuck it! You can’t always make everyone else happy. Go find a younger girl who stays up all night and sleeps all day. Then you can wake up get McDonalds and go back to bed. Isn’t that what the the non motivated types do?

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I just received Nashvilles numbers from New years EVE. HOT DAMN! The Nashville bar almost doubled the second highest grossing bar and I was pretty damn happy with the second highest grossing bar. Again Hot Damn!
I am dieing for this vacation to be over. I will be home tomorrow and all I can think of is my shower, my bed, my dog and sushi with Chantel.
Also NY anniversary party, year 14, this Sunday at 2 pm. !!!! Yes that is right 2 pm. I spoke with Jacqui and I love the idea of getting there early and drinking , eating etc. Great Fun!!!

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Fantabulous!!! Every bar did great last night!!! I am in Utah with Jackson and I was anxious all night about all the bars and the numbers. I want to give one bar a huge kudos and that is New Orleans. I almost broke down in tears of happiness when I saw the numbers. New Orleans hasn’t done that well since before katrina!!! So happy !! Austin. Great. My first text message of the morning was from Daniel, I was very pleased to see those numbers. VERY VERY PLEASED!
I have decided that things in my life have to change this year. I rarely make big New Years resolutions but this year I have some big goals personally and professionally. It’s all up to me!!

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