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Friday, December 29, 2006

Freaking Denver. If you grow up in Colorodo you should be used to blizzards and a lot of snow. Well the last two snows in Denver we have been getting calls and e-mails from the managers asking if they could close. Chantel and I spoke and did not want to close. I have lived in cities with blizzards. I said ” they ‘re in a major city. They can have one bartender and one bouncer on. Have them schedule the people who live close to the bar so they are safe etc.” Today I get a call from Chantel saying that one of the managers tried to bypass her and ask Jeff M if they could close. For god sakes every hotel in Denver will be packed with people who can’t catch flights and they will be looking for places close to eat and have a few drinks. When I was a bartender I loved working these shifts. You could make so much money. Again, not asking anyone to be un safe but for god sakes when you get a lemon, make lemonade!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas day. I am in NYC. I came here to pick Jackson up from his grand parents and take him to Utah. Of course we get to JFK airport. Wait in a massive line for an hour and then we find out that they canceled our flight. I asked why the flight was canceled? Their response was ” a baggage problem” . What the fuck does that mean? So we came back to the city got a hotel room. ( Damn I wish I hadn’t sold my apartment) And It has rained all day. Jackson had fun for Christams dinner we went to Jeckyl and Hydes. It is a theme restaurant with mummies and ghouls. So he enjoyed that. Then we went back to the hotel room he jumped on the bed for 3 hours while I watched the 1997 National spelling Bee. I watched this for two hours mesmerized by the spelling prowess of these kids. I got teary eyed when the 13 year old girl finally won.
Not a stellar Christmas day but I am with my beloved son, we are healthy and we have each other.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

There is a huge difference between managing a bar that is already opened and being part of the management team that opens the bar. I had a very impassioned call from one of the Miami managers worried that the staff was not at a certain level yet. I assured him that every bar needs time for the staff to grow and for them to truly understand Coyote. That also applies for management as well. it takes time for management to ” get” Coyote. Be patient. Everything is fine. The staff is right on schedule.
The calendar should be up for sale either today or Tuesday. I am very excited. Happy holidays. I am taking Jackson skiing.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gabe plus Jeff Myers plus five bottles of wine equals a tremendous head ache. Holy crap.
We went to Mortons to have a semi managers meeting. By the end of the night we had gotten ourselves invited to the Mortons Christmas party. That waiter must of seen dollar signs with every glass of wine!
Congrats to Michelle, one of our accountants, she just had a baby boy!
I am taking Jackson today to a Teddy Bear Tea. One of the mothers from his school invited us so I accepted. Yesterday when I told him that we were going to this tea he was flabbergasted. ” Mom a tea! That’s for girls. Mom Please don’t make me go to this!” Too late now . His dad put a nice spin on it. He told Jackson to think of it as him escorting his mom to this function. As all parents know when the kids are off from school you have to be creative with entertaining them. When I was growing up you woke up and simply hung around the house. Sometimes you went to a friends house. Now a days it’s different. You have to be active every moment. Everyday there has to be a planned activity otherwise you are not a good mother. This week Jackson has had playdates. He went to the aquarium. He went to see Santa Claus. He has gone to the movies. He went to the museum. I am running out of things to do with him, so Teddy Bear Tea here we come.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holy crap. I have been traveling for the show quite a bit this month. Yesterday I was home trying to catch up with work. 10 hours on the computer and I am still far behind.
We really fucked up on getting the 2007 calendar out. It looks great. but it won’t be ready til next week. It’s both Lee and my fault. We let time slip p[ast us and be fell behind. Jacob is doing the layout work for it. he was about to kill me last night when I asked to switch out one of the pictures. I just want the best calendar ever!
I forgot to tell this story but last week, I had been to Miami, Charlotte, and New York. I was very tired and I was flying home for one day. As we approach New Orleans the pilot comes on the speaker to tell us that the fog is too thick so they will have to land in Baton Rouge. I live 1 hour from Baton Rouge and I have never been there. On a positive note, a very clean airport. Now the negative. It was 9:30 at night everything was closed. There were only 3 cabs in the whole city. The nearest hotel was booked and there were no rental cars available. I ended up getting a cab with 3 guys I did not know. I got home at 12:30 am. That sucked. And for the first time ever Jackson cryed because I could not get him from his dad’s house. It broke my heart. Normally when I travel I do it on days that he stays with his dad so he doesn’t really know that I am gone. unfortunately this years show schedule had me traveling a lot and Jackson did not like it. I feel so bad.
Good news. I issued bonuses yesterday!!! yeah, managers, staff, corporate officers, I didn’t forget you!
The Miami bar is only a couple of weeks old and we already caught someone stealing. ” Do you think we were born yesterday!” Stupid. This girl could of been good. Toobad, for her!

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Friday, December 15, 2006

” The fish rots at the head.” Garret, Ft. LAUDERDALE AM, told me that. That is going to be my new saying. I told Garret that I was disappointed with how uninspiring the Lauderdale girls have been and that I have received a lot of complaints. From what I heard last night they were quite good so I am relieved.
“Girls be great, I know you guys are unbelievably talented!”
‘ Jackson Mommy loves you”
Last day of the shoot till Mid January. Horay!!!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Long week. First and foremost, excellent saturday night in Charlotte. The girls are rock stars! Very pleased one of the best staffs in the system. The Charlotte security was very upset after reading that Memphis said they were the biggest. ” I said they didn’t claim to be the best just the biggest and I have to agree they are.” It was funny. Little Dana did my makeup and hair for filming in Charlotte. Thank you. I did not know thart Chris the Gm had been a makeup artist for Lancome. He seems to have a lot of talents we don’t know about.
I went from Charlotte to NY. Damn Ny girls, I swear I still am hungover and that was two days ago. It was Romina’s birthday. She made a customer buy a bodyshot off of me for $300. I was so cranky in NY. I went out with Jacqui and she doesn’t eat. You know what I realize in my short life, I get really cranky if I don’t have a good dinner. A lot of women can do this picking thing. Not me. I need a full dinner. Off to Ft. Lauderdale tonight. I feel horribly bad. Tomorrow is Jackson’s last day of school before Christmas vacation. I thought it was next week, so I can not be there tomorrow for his Christmas play. I am dieing over it. I have never missed any important school event. But I can’t change the shoot at this late date, the whole crew is already down in Ft. Lauderdale. Damn.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

What a week. I got down to Miami on Monday night and everyone was in complete panic mode. We had to hire a consultant to help us expedite some of our licenses. Kevin nick named him the ” Wolf” after Harvey Keitel’s character in ” Pulp Fiction”. Kevin said that this gut would just pass signs that said ” no non employees pass this point.” He said that it was amazing watching this guy work. Well thank god we finally got our license at 5 pm on opening night. We were all totally freaked out.
The night before opening, the Miami GM Victor, booked myself and a few girls on a spanish program called ” La Cosa Nostra”. We showed up there and the show was a live comedy talk show. One of the hosts came up to me and gave me a preinterview to see how my spanish faired. I was definitely nervous to do a show totally in spanish. I am far from bilingual. Wow what an experience the girls danced and then the rest of the segment was in spanish. I have to say that I was great. I think I totally convinced people I was bilingual even though I am far from that. It was funny being on this show knowing that the girls could not understand a word the hosts were saying. I would love to have a copy of the show so I could show my mother that I spoke in spanish. Very funny.
Opening night went very well. The numbers were incredible. I think the girls did over 170 bodyshots. Unfortuantely the veteran girls held the show with little help from the Miami girls. I told Esther and Chantel that they have a lot of work to do to get these girls in better shape. I want to thank all the veteran girls for doing an excellent job . That was the best display of professional bartending I have seen in a while. Thanks Maria (NY), Sherry (Charlotte), Esther ( Austin), Chastity ( Nashville), Wiggins ( Ft. Lauderdale) and Cyndi ( NY). Excellent job!!!
Happy Anniversary Nashville.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

I am in Memphis today. Last night I came into the bar. The Memphis girls looked great. Judith made sure they were prepared . It was great to see them turn into real Coyotes. I was very proud of them.
I decided to let loose last night and I had a bunch of drinks with the girls and Judith. Oh I am feeling the pain today. Judith, who very rarely drinks, had quite a few drinks herself. I heard through the grapevine that after I left she got on the bar and did one of the choreographed dances with the girls. Very funny. I wish I had seen that. Judith told me that as she left, Jaime one of the girls, said to her. “Go straight home and have sex with your boyfriend cause there is nothing better then drunk sex.” I wonder if she did?
The memphis girls are funny. The assistant manager in Memphis is named John Henry. A few of the girls call him J Hen. They said he needed a ghetto name.
I really enjoyed myself last night. I miss being around the girls. This group is not lacking for personality, I can assure you of that.
Today , the production company brought in two people to do my hair and makeup for filming. I was a bit nervous when the hair woman said ” if it doesn’t fry, it doesn’t fly.” The two women told me that they researched me and looked on the website to see how I do my hair and makeup. I definitely got the impression that they weren’t happy with what they saw. ” I don’t ever do my hair and I barely put on makeup . So do whatever you want. I don’t know how women can wear all this makeup everyday. It’s driving me nuts!
Off to Miami today
Also before I end, the Memphis security staff would like to issue a contest between all my other bars. They believe that they are the biggest Coyote Security. That includes height as well as weight. After seeing them last night, I would have to say that they definitely should win.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Holy crap Miami is a mess. Everything has gone wrong that can go wrong. Kevin has resorted to begging. Lee told me that they have been up for two days straight and everyone is walking on egg shells. I feel really bad I can’t be there right now due to the show. But I will be there next week.
Lee told me that it feels weird not having me there at all. I feel complimented and guilted all at the same time.
Someone said to me today ” have you been hanging around Kyle?” And I said yes. ” That explains why you have been using the word Jackass in every sentence.

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