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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank you San Antonio. The only bar I own that did realitively well last night. It is horrible when you go to work and see such horrendous numbers. Denver was so slow the bouncers decided to amuse themselves by glueing a dollar on the floor and watching people try to pick it up. I am told there were bets on who would reach down and try to pick it up. I’m sure the looks of embarassment were classic when the dollar wouldn’t budge from the floor. Sometimes it is the little things that make you laugh.
We are about to embark on another season of the TV show. You know what really pisses me off? I asked CMT to do a few things for us. 1. pay for Jacqui and I to get professional head shots 2. Create a press kit for us and 3. hire a publicist for our show specifically. Do you know what their response was? Nothing. No response at all. Supposedly we had their highest rated show ever yet they won’t pay for headshots for us? It is so unnerving. Read this fast because I am sure their lawyers will call and bitch that I wrote about them. Such bullshit. I show up every day on time. I am easy to work with and I am always professional. You would think they would have the curtesy of calling me back. No I get nothing. I could say more but I will refrain
I am feeling out of sync with work. Last week Jeff W, Kevin, and Lee went to Cancun to try again to solidify a space for us. Well with all three of them gone I had a lot of time on my hands. Now this week I feel out of touch. I can’t seem to get into the groove.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a weekend. Jackson’s birthday was on friday. He woke up and one eye was swollen and very pink. Yes Pink eye. We had to reschedule his birthday party. He is such a kind, happy kid. He wasn’t upset or disappointed. He just said no big deal I will have it next week. Sometimes I wonder what created his character. Is it nature or nurture? Regardless he is such a happy boy with a kind heart, I’m just amazed by him sometimes. Every single present he received ( except clothes, even though he is thankful for those) he said ” Mom look isn’t it awesome.” ” Mom 7 years ago I popped out of your vagina!” ” Why Jackson, yes you did. But I wouldn’t call 12 hours of labor, popping out.” What embarrasses some people actually amuses me. He is trying to get a rise out of myself or his dad but I just laugh cause he it is meant to humor us.
Halloween has taken over my house. I have a man getting electrocuted right out side my front door. I have a ghoul hanging in front of my window. And I have dry ice coming on Tuesday so I can make fog for our graveyard. My living room is covered with tools , lights, pumpkins. It’s so messy it is driving me nuts.
Went to the New Orleans bar on Saturday . Pretty good crowd. Very nice to see the bar busy. A lot going on. Some new ventures should be solidified in the next couple of months. I am crossing my fingers.
I hate to admit it but Martha Stewart has some great Halloween ideas.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I bought Jackson a sumo wrestler costume. It is awesome. So funny. I love Halloween.
Mellissa made me laugh this morning. After my last spill she said her friends had called her congratulating her for being picked for the cover of the magazine with Kevin and Lee. She then had to tell them to read further down. Then the calls were more about chastising her. ” I was cool for a second then they read that I suck and I keep getting made fun of” well it made me laugh.
Austin having a great two days. San Antonio strong last night!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Men’s Health Magazine asked Kevin and Lee to pick two managers to pose for the cover with them. Congrats they picked Mellissa in Denver and Judith in Memphis!
Yetserday’s blog:
“Lee and Kevin are extremely cool! They are actually the driving force behind the company! Everyone in the company is actually smarter having had the chance to be ripped on by them! I cant wait to see them on their upcoming cover of Mens Health Magazine! Also, Forbes just contacted me for an interview because they were just named Business Men of the YEAR! WOW…big day for those two! Man I am sooooo lucky. God bless amercia and thank you Kevin and Lee. – Lil”
Now I have a bridge I can sell you guys.
Yesterday I wrote my Spill using Kevin’s laptop. After I was finished, I gave him back his computer without closing my blog page. So Kevin and Lee secretly wrote on my blog. I thought it was hysterical. The cover of Men’s Health magazine. Come on! Forbes! Ya right. ” everyone in the company is actually smarter having had the chance to be ripped by them” My god. How in god’s green earth did anyone believe this? It is so over the top. Lee’s girlfriend actually called him to congratulate him. Both Judith and mellissa sent congratulatory text messages. Of course Jeff M fueling the fire.( he knew it was a joke) He and Judith spoke about how truly blessed everyone is for being able to work with Kevin and Lee. Very funny.
We have our staff in Miami. A few rock stars. This was a long weekend. The girls I finally picked are great but I am still floored by the amount of girls who walked in and didn’t work. ” Lil I really want this job because my boyfriend has paid all my bills for years and I am getting bored” One of my favorite moments at the girl search was when a girl wearing a dress did a flip and let’s just say she was not covered under the dress. Not pretty but very funny. This was the first Girl search where we had to ask the girls if they had green cards and could read and write english. Kevin got mad at me for asking a girl what nationality she was ? ” Lil you can’t ask that!” Just so you understand. This girl was blonde, blue eyes. She was from Connecticut originally but sounded like she was straight out of a gang in the Bronx. I picked her to be one of our Coyotes, so I obviously liked her but I was curious why a connecticut girl spoke like that. I have a feeling her speach patterns were self taught.
Some very beautiful girls. There are 4 girls who were triple threats: bartending, dancing, and singing. Should be a good staff.
Home this week.
I am posting a picture of Lee and Kevin on the site. When I showed up in Miami I ran into them as they were walking. They had matching shirts and bags on. It was so cute. It definitely makes me feel that I have nothing to worry about when they are around the girls. Maybe for Christmas I will get them some matching accessories and make up.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lee and Kevin are extremely cool! They are actually the driving force behind the company! Everyone in the company is actually smarter having had the chance to be ripped on by them! I cant wait to see them on their upcoming cover of Mens Health Magazine! Also, Forbes just contacted me for an interview because they were just named Business Men of the YEAR! WOW…big day for those two! Man I am sooooo lucky. God bless amercia and thank you Kevin and Lee. – Lil

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In Miami at the girl search. Whoa I am a bit stressed out over this one. Yesterday someone screwed up our advertising. We always hold Saturday and Sunday try outs from noon to five oclock. Someone mistakingly advertised it from four to seven oclock. We sat there wondering why no one was showing up then all of a sudden we heard our radio ad and it listed the wrong times.
The girls, ma ma mia! There are a few girls I think are going to be great. They bartend , dance, sing beautiful. I am very pleased . But I can not tell you how many girls came in with nothing. ” So are you working now?” ” No I took the summer off” ” But it is almost November, how are you supporting yourself?” ” I just go to Mc donalds and lay around the house” ” So when do you wake up in the morning?” ” I wake up in the afternoon and party with my friends? ” ” So why should I hire you? ” ” Cause i love to party”
I am not joking when I say this was a common conversation with many of these girls. Please god if you are listening let today be better!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My internet is still down so I am now at Kinkos checking my e-mails. What a head ache. Today is an open house to try and sell my previous home. I keep praying that the house sells right away.
Off to Miami tomorrow for the girl search. I hope it goes well. We receieved a very interesting offer today. I haven’t been this excited for a new project in a while. I hope it becomes reality.
Jeff M’s mother sent me a thank you card. How nice. He always refers to her as a saint. I’m starting to believe it’s true.. I wonder if that is how Jackson will refer to me? I hear myself saying things to him that when I have heard them from other people I have said ” oh that makes me sick” but here I am saying them to him. ” Jackson the love of a mother is the strongest love of all.” Really sappy stuff. I am so happy that he still digs it. We are decorating our house for Halloween. He is expecting a man in an electric chair who gets electricuted every time someone approaches the door. I miss the days when cutting a pumpkin was good enough.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

My internet is down so I am working out of the Corporate office. On a conference call right now. Miami, what a head ache.
I’m excited about the girl search in MIAMI this weekend. I hope we find some good girls.
I am listening to lee’s description of Atlantic city.
Jeff M is high on detroit.
A lot of projects .
Money goes out, money goes out. God so much money is going out. My taxes are due. Money going out. I am happy being my own boss and running the company but sometimes I feel that I would make more money as a consultant. It seems that the more successfull the company is the less I make. People think I make a lot off the tv show but I barely make anything.
I am gratefull for what I have. I know there are many people who do not make as much as I make but I feel like taxes eat up most of my salary. It’s so frustrating.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yesterday Kevin gave me a day of peace. Because of his graciousness I sent a text to him last night saying ” thanks Kevin for giving me 1 day off from Miami. During that time I did find the cure for cancer.” His response ” That’s great! But the world wants to know is the cure for cancer based around the Umbrella or the Pina Colada?” Touche Kevin, well done. ” the student has now become the teacher. touche my friend. Well played.”
Crappy night for the big bars last night. God Damn Friday the 13th. I am finally home. My son and I were on a plane filled with Eagle fans going to New Orleans. I don’t think my son quite understood why we couldn’t speak to them and dishonor his team ” the saints”. It could be because he doesn’t understand yet that his team is The Saints or it could be that he is a kind soul and doesn’t care if others route for another team. Oh the kindness of children. If he ever does like football he will understand that you do not consort with the other team.
I went by my old house today ( which is for sale) to water the plants. In a mere two weeks I put more money and care into that house then I did in the 4 years I lived there. God I hope it sells.
Last week while at my sister’s house, my niece asked for help in Algebra. Well in high school I did very well in algebra in fact I would like to say that math and science were my two best subjects. Well time takes it’s toll. I couldn’t remember a damn thing. 1/4a – 3/5 b = 2/4 a + b This is not the exact equation so excuse me if the formula is wrong. I have no recollection of how to subtract fractions or how to isolate the unknown quantities. Very sad day for me and unfortunately for her as well since I couldn’t help.
Kevin, my answer is : crown royal with a club soda back.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am steaming mad. Fucking Miami project . Kevin and I are having a very heated discussion right now. I am definitely angry. Lee is upset. Jeff is upset. Kevin is upset. And now I am very upset. Lee always jokes around and says that I target him on the Lil Spill. ” Lee today you are off the hook. Love you . Great Job. ” Kevin on the other hand is my boil that needs to be lanced. In his own words “he is the red headed step child that singlehandedly brought down Coyote Ugly.” He then said to me ” OK Lil I’m sorry I interupted you from creating the cure for cancer but can you help me with the Miami project.” So funny, Kevin. URGH
This week Jackson has vacation from school. I don’t know why but the school kids in France also have off this week. I brought him to visit his cousins. So fun. Too bad my phone is ringing off the hook with Miami problems. Urgh!!!

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hot damn! I went to Miami this weekend and I hired a GM and AM for the miami site. Welcome to Coyote Ugly Joyce and Javier. I went to the Ft. Lauedrdale bar on Friday night. Adrianna ( gm) and I had a lot of shots. a lot of fun. It was nice to go to the bar. The girls are beautiful . They sing, dance, bartend but they are missing that killer instinct that engages people. A little tweaking should fix that up. Met Garret the AM. Happy Birthday Garret. All in all a very successfull weekend.
I don’t know how the Miami bar is going to be open in November but Kevin swears it will. All I can say is Good Luck.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

” In your face Lee!” ( only kidding) I couldn’t be happier with the San Antonio managers right now. Lee wrote a letter to San Antonio about their merch sales. Matt ( am SA) wrote a letter back that was very well thought out . It also proved that he had increased sales of a certain product by giving incentive to the girls. Very proud. I am so pleased with the energy and passion of the new managers. Great Job!
Charlotte! Awesome Wednesday. Wow. It’s nice to be able to write about one of the smaller bars. I will tell you something about the Charlotte bar, I have never received a negative e-mail about that bar. I am proud of every bar I own but that is the only one that I can say that about. Great Job Chris and the entire staff!
All love today.
” Today I am making my official picks for the tv show. ” I will inform the GMs right after this. Because this is a sensitive subject for the managers to discuss, I will write a blurb on this Lil Spill. There are a few girls that I am picking who need to lose a few pounds. I love you guys but this is tv and I want you to look great. So Call Jenny Craig you’ve got untill the end of November. ( now I am going to get hate mail.) The Ultimate Coyote has to be fit, sorry but as the judge that is my ruling. Don’t worry I’m about 10 lbs too heavy, I have to do something as well.
Go Mets!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

San Antonio high ring for the night!!!
Today I want to talk about Jeff M. Every week he asks me to meet his friends for potential jobs. ” Jeff you truly back this guy? He’s not going to flake and get fired in two months?” ” Lil I back him 100% he’s the greatest he’ll give his heart and soul.” I’m still reeling after he backed a guy in Memphis 100%. That lasted a total of two months before he was scheduled to go back to rehap. But only the other hand he was responsible for the Charlotte GM and he has worked out really well.
Not only did I post on the Lil Spill about the reality show but I wrote a letter to my managers. Only two managers have returned my e-mails but about 30 regulars have given their opinions in e-mails to the Lil Spill. Everyone has their favorites. That’s why the bars are so popular.
Again to all my girls “I value everyone that works for the company. They are only allowing me to pick 10 girls so I am sorry if you don’t get picked. Doesn’t mean that you are not great at what you do.”
The freaking pressure. I don’t want to hurt everyones feelings but in the other direction there are a few girls I pick that will probably grow egos the size of the planet and will be unbearable to work with. Can’t win.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I am so scared to critque the San Antonio bar because of the loss of the GM. Shawna is the new GM and I am hoping she has a thicker skin. I feel that we give out a lot of positive. But if something seems wrong we ask for analysis and change. The last two days I have asked Lee to be nicer. Be supportive. ” Lil, I’m just doing my job and asking for information. I’m not being mean.” I know he’s not. He is just doing his job and asking for information. His emails are very direct and I could easily see people misreading them as harsh when that is not the intention. But I feel the San Antonio managers are so sensitive that we need to approach them in a different manner. ” Lil, we’ve both worked for owners that yell at you every day. You just do what they say. You don’t get your panties in a knot over it. I’m not yelling at anyone I am just asking for some numbers and ideas!” Lee’s right but Kelly was so ultra sensitive and I certainly don’t want to rock the boat there. Lee ended our conversation by saying ” tell these managers to put their big kid pants on and get to work.” On Shawna’s behalf I don’t know if she is too sensitive. Again just don’t want to rock the boat. I feel there is a positive trend going on in San Antonio. Shawna is excited and we are excited to move forward. 2nd highest grossing bar I have. Hoping Shawna gets in the groove and tries to regain the number one spot.
Well looks like we are on the heels of the next season of the reality show. This season there will be some of my girls competing. I am so happy about that because I always felt that it was not fair that non coyotes were competing for ” the Ultimate Coyote” . Really how could they be ” the Ultimate Coyote” and not have the training and time with the company my girls do? The only down side is that I have to pick 10 girls in the next week. It’s hard cause I love so many of the girls but there will be some girls that I can’t pick because they don’t have the classic entertainment ability that others do, even though they are the best sellers and best bartenders. Show business ain’t easy.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

I guess Mellisa ( GM Denver) and Daniel ( GM Austin) had a good time the other night. I got an early morning drunk call from them . I never understood going on vacation and visiting another bar. ” Daniel your on vacation stay out of Coyote!”
Mellissa was bombed. ” Liliana, it’s Daniel’s fault. He wanted to call you.” Daniel in the backround ” go to speakerphone, Lil, Lil” Since I was not there and could only hear their voices, I would have to say that Mellissa sounded much drunker then Daniel. Thank God Ann closed the Denver bar that night.
Insurance. Who the hell understands this? Whether it be health insurance, home insurance or business insurance it is so complicated. I have spent the morning speaking with Jeff W about our health insurance then followed up with a conversation about new building insurance . Urgh. You know what really irks me is that Lee and Kevin will bitch about their coverage. From what I understand they have very good plans. Jeff W. sent them the name and number of our agent so that they could review their plans with her. Did either of them call her? No ! But the bitching will continue. They have the same plan that I do. If you go out of the system you have to pay, that’s just a fact of life. URGH!
Big boob job day for one of the girls. Very painful. I remember the pain and then seeing the swelling and thinking ” what the fuck did I do?” The doctor kept trying to get me to go bigger but I stuck to my guns ( funny) and went with smaller ones. Thank god . I wouldn’t want to tip over. My sister always makes mean little comments. My response ” screw you! you are a D naturally I was an A.” I never wanted bigger boobs until I had my child. For the first time I had boobs. After nursing they went back to an A and that’s when I decided to get them done. I would say that I am pretty happy that I had them done. The negative is that you have to change the clothes you wear because your normal clothes make you feel heavy. I tell the girls before they go in for the procedure to be prepared. It changes your whole body image both positively and negatively. I remember a girl in Chicago who had breast implants. She was my hieght 5′ 2″. She decided to go with the biggest boobs the doctor would put in. She seemed very happy with them and at the end of the day that is all that matters but whoa they were huge!

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jeff M came over on Friday night. Jacob cooked dinner while Jeff and I had a few glasses of wine. A few glasses turned into 4 bottles. Let’s just say that Saturday was not a good day for me.
I have not unpacked anything yet, in fact I am still cleaning up at my old house. I would like to say that I am disgusted with myself. No human being needs this many clothes. The negative part is not the amount of clothes but the fact that all the clothes look the same. How many black tank tops / camisoles can one person have? I have two problems. The first problem is that I have kept clothes that were purchased in the 80’s , 90’s , and so on . Am I really going to wear those jeans from 20 years ago? ( they do fit thank god) What memory am I hoping to capture by saving a shirt that I used to bartend in? Or a high school sweater? Really ? Am I really going to look at this stuff when I am 80 years old and say, ” thank god I saved those!” ?
My second problem is purchasing clothes while I’m traveling. When I go away I will forget something or want to wear something in particular so I go to the local mall and buy a similar item. Hence the overload in Black tank tops. I have to stop doing that. I really am sick with myself. There are people in the world with nothing . There will be a very big donation to the salvation army from me this week.
Austin, Nashville, and Memphis very nice Saturday numbers. Austin sold a shit load of merch yesterday, Lee will take credit for that I am sure ( even though he is thousands of miles away, he did change the merch area in Austin making it more visible).
Got a really nice letter about the NY bar. Those girls certainly know how to show folks a good time.
Travis is back in New Orleans ( security for New Orleans he relocated after Katrina). He was my weird diet partner. I think we will have to start a raw food diet soon. I need something!

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