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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I just don’t get it. Why do all these people opt to kill their new born babies rather then giving them up for adoptions? For god sakes , why wouldn’t you try to secretly leave the baby at the hospital or maybe a police station? Just last month I read about a NJ girl having a baby and leaving the baby in a recycling bin. ( By the way freaky how this seems to be very common in NJ). Now I just heard a story about a baby found floating in a bag , in a lake somewhere in Brazil. The mother’s excuse was that she was not mentally ready to have a baby. I don’t understand the logic? I don’t understand why their is more embarrassment and shame with giving the baby up for adoption then killing it? I hate to talk politics but this is why I am pro choice. So many options for women why would you choose killing your child as an option?
San Antonio and Ft. Lauderdale rocked last night!!! Knock on wood, Ft. Lauderdale is kicking some butt.
Last week I got an irate letter from a concierge at a hotel in San Antonio. The letter was about sending customers to the bar and on arrival at the bar, one customer was so severly chastised by a girl on the mic that he left and complained to the hotel. Well I called the manager and asked about it. Of course her side was that the girl didn’t say anything out of the ordinary this particular guy was very sensitive. What is rule #1 read your customers. She obviously didn’t take the time to see he was not the type that you can joke with. Well the reason I am upset by this is because this partricular hotel is my favorite hotel in San Antonio. I’m a regular there. I’ll be there in two weeks and I keep on thinking that I am going to have to hide so I don’t hear shit from the concierge. Kelly told me she was going to walk over there. I hope she did because I LOVE STAYING THERE!!
Kansas City April 22nd. We are currently looking for a GM. Knock on wood , cross your fingers!!! I decided that we should start putting salt in front of all the doors of each bar. Supposedly a bad person can not pass over a line of salt at a door. Shit if I really did this we would lose all the pre 5pm regulars of the NY bar.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

This e-mail is from a regular of the Austin bar.
Hey Lil,
I have a confession to make, I remember having a conversation with you but have absolutely no clue what we talked about. The last hour or two on Thursday is pretty blurry to me, I even ended up leaving my tab open (Not to worry though, I went back Friday for Happy Hour and closed it out). Apparently I must have spoken with Kevin too because I ended up with one of his business cards(that I just found today), but I really don’t remember that at all.

This guy is my apple contact. He helps me when I have computer questions. Well, I can tell you this, he definitely had a good time at the anniversary party.
I am bone tired today. Too much traveling and such little sleep

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

I want to give big kudos to Tarah, Coyote from Denver. She took over for the previous dance captain and the dances look so much better. The Denver girls are so cute. They really tried hard. ” Ghetto your great on the bar, probably the strongest performer, but for god sakes it’s time for you to step up as a bartender. Anne, the head bartender, has really done a good job. Brian and Mellissa , the managers can’t say enough about her. Michelle wow she’s got a body on her!! Kalei is so cute. She bartends dances sings. She does it all. They really improve so much every time I come.
” I can’t believe in Denver so many girls have such deep tans.” I was laughing last night because Danielle and Kalie are so dark they look like they just got back from a 3 month tropical vacation. Danielle said to me last night ” Any spare time I have I spend in the tanning bed.” I remember loving to tan and thinking that it would never effect my skin. When I was 28 years old, not one wrinkle, I went to Cozumel, Mexico. As usual I spent most of my time sunbathing. On the 3rd day I woke up and I had a line under one of my eyes. Well I figured it was from sleeping on my face, so I thought it would go away. Well that afternoon, it was still there. The next day it was still there. And today it is still there ( with a few others). ” Oh girls, if you would only listen!”
Jason, a bouncer, in Denver has been begging Brian to let him strip at the bar. His other job is a chippendales dancer. I went up to him last night and I said “before you even ask, NO STRIPPING in the bar” Maybe next time I’m in Denver I’ll take the girls to go see him at his other job. He claims he is quite good.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Last night was the 2 year anniversary of the Austin bar. I can’t tell you how proud I was of the staff. They really were the best I have ever seen them. All of them. So proud!!!
Well a few of the San Antonio girls came last night. It’s amazing how San Antonio is only 1 hour away but the girls are so different. Not in a bad way just different. When I talk to the austin girls they treat me with respect, they speak to me in a kind and professional manner. Lyndsey from San Antonio calls me on the phone yesterday to tell me she is coming to the party and before she hangs up she says ” Lil I hope we make out tonight”. My response ” What the fuck is wrong with you?” So last night the San Antonio girls came up with Jenn Hawk the AM. ” Lil , my husband”s an excellent lay. Guess where we did it last week?” ( Jenn Hawk) I don’t even know if a hello was exchanged before we started this conversation. It must be something in the water . But I love them just the way they are.
Again, I was so impressed with the Austin girls last night. When I evacuated to Austin I felt that the girls were just going through the motions. Last night they were so great! They loved their job, they loved themselves. They shined. It was so heartwarming. It made me feel awed. And I’m proud that I had a small part in it.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Two nights in a row of nightmares. The other night I had dreams of car chases and kids in my house bleeding and acting creepy. Well tonight I had a different kind of nightmare. I had a dream that I was trying to put on makeup before filming the reality show. Well the owner of the production company kept coming up to me and saying ” Maybe you could try a bit more around your eyes” It’s funny but for all the worry over contracts schedule etc, I have had a persistent thought in the back of my head “I’m 10 pounds heavier then last year and I look like crap!” Oh well
So yesterday I had an unbelievably stressfull day. I decided around 2 pm to get out of the house and do something fun before picking up Jackson at school. So I headed to the Lexus dealership to test drive the Hybrid. When I got to the lot I couldn’t find a sales person so I decided for fun to go to a neighboring lot and test drive another car, PORSHE. I decided to test drive the new Cayman S ( not the cheyenne SUV). This Car is an unmistakeable sportscar. They market it as a close cousin to the carrera but a step above the boxster. Oh my god! It was so freeing. It’s a 6 speed and it drives like a dream. So fast and very easy to drive. So last night while Jackson is playing a computer game I went on my laptop and went to the porshe website. Build your own Porshe. How fun. I AM A MOM THAT DRIVES MY KID AROUND ALL DAY. I DON’T NEED A SPORTCAR! But man I started comparing prices. The boxster is the cheapest Porshe. You can get it for as low as $45,000. The Cayman S that I saw and loved was about $71,000. And the Carrera S Cabriolet ( convertible) is about $100,000 ( including great options). The thing with Porshe they make you pay an arm and a leg for options. So then I was reading the reviews. The boxsters reviews were solid without the top on but pretty poor with the top on. The Cayman S ( no convertible option) had very strong reviews all across the board. And the Carerra as well had very strong reviews the only negative is that the backseat is a joke.
I called up Lee and I said I can’t stop thinking about this car. He said ” Wait a week, the urge will pass and you’ll get over it.” So hopefully in a week I’ll forget all about it .

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Monday, January 23, 2006

I am laughing so hard, I just got an e-mail from this guy saying ” we once had a 1 night stand and I always wondered if you had my child?” To answer the question I only have 1 child and he is unmistakeably his dad’s kid. ( which by the way I believe in the institution of marriage and never had or never would cheat on my past or any future husband ) But I hate talking about my personal life let’s just say , ” no I do not have a love child by some unknown man “
April 22nd is the opening of the Kansas City bar. I keep on getting asked why I have not spoken about this. Well honestly I just don’t think we are going to have all the construction done in time so I didn’t want to jinx it. But here I am possibly jinxing just to appease some people!!! “Kevin Bailey walk through that bar with sage now that I jinxed it”
Kevin thinks I’m a nut but he really is the nut. ” Lil I never get to take a vacation” ” So kevin take a vacation” ” But I can’t because we are too busy” ” Just take a fucking vacation” This conversation happens at least once a week. ( after 7 pm because he can’t remember to call me at respectable hours)
Lee and I just got off the phone and both of us were laughing. He told me that he used to think I had ADD because I never could focus on what he was saying now he realizes that I don’t have ADD I just didn’t care what he was saying. I started laughing and my response is that I feel the same is true with him, no matter what I say about the merch, he always takes things too far and at every new bar he puts requests in for ridiculous flavored liquors. How many years do I have to tell him that we don’t carry ” Green Apple Vodka”? I know I say a lot of negative but I love Lee and even though we have very different opinions, he is an incredible worker and a good friend.

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Man I’m getting old. I was in Ft. Lauderdale from Saturday to Saturday and I am wiped. Thursday and Friday I didnt drink and left by midnight and I still feel wiped. Opening these bars is really draining. The morning would start at the crack of dawn with my phone ringing and the questions didn’t seem to stop untip I left the bar. But the good news is that the bar did phenominally well this week. Friday night I had a talk with the veteran girls and told them to stand back and let the Ft. Lauderdale girls start initiating the performance. It seemed to work because Friday night there were several girls really getting it. It’s funny because people think you have to be a dancer to work at Coyote but there is a girl I hired in Ft. Lauderdale that could possibly be the worst dancer in all the bars. On the reality show we always spoke of Esther as the worst dancer ( she has improved and is a great Coyote now) Well this girl makes Esther look like a Bolshoy Ballerina. I remember hiring this girl and I said to Jacqui she just has some quirky charisma that will make her good. Well everyone loved her . I think being beautiful helps too. Go see April in Ft. Lauderdale. Some other real standouts. Wiggams a phenomenal dancer the list goes on. Some guy said to me on Thursday “Lil the veteran girls are holding down the fort you should be worried.” I say this every time but it takes the girls a full 4 months to really get it. So it’s a work in progress.
Some fucking NY regular was in the Ft. Lauderdale bar and he goes to me ” Lil I invested in a knock off Coyote Ugly.” ” I got really pissed and this was his response ” you shouldn’t be pissed at me they ripped me off too.” So I basically said ” Get the fuck out of my face you make me sick.”

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Friday, January 20, 2006

I was at the bar from 3:15 till 11:00 pm yesterday and I feel guilty that I didn’t stay longer. By the time I left, the bar was pretty busy. I am a little nervous because the Ft. Lauderdale girls aren’t showing real personality yet. Any performance has been from the veteran girls. ” By the way Maria from Ny bought a new bra and her boobs look fabulous.” I have to say that every veteran girl is really pulling their weight. Jenn the Fiddler wasn’t scheduled on Wednesday night as a bartender but she helped the whole night. Katie from Austin has been really great too. katie and Jenn are first time traveling Coyotes and they did so great I’m so proud. Lyndsey of course is Lyndsey. She has such presence you can’t stop watching her. And the lovely Esther. She was the high ringer the first night, like she always is. She never looks slammed yet her ring is always the highest. We joked with her because Cyndi rang the second highest with just a $200 difference.
Today is a new day so back to the grind.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last night went really well. We were slammed last night. Today we were recounting all the funny stuff that happened last night. I loved the story from Brian , GM Denver, he asked one of the girls to fill up a bucket with beer to bring to the VIP room . He said that she started pouring the beer in the buckets. I started laughing so hard because he said it took her pouring 3 beers in the bucket before she understood he just wanted her to put unopened beers in the bucket. I was very amused by that. The funny part is that this particular girl, I think is going to be a superstar here. This opening went pretty well other then not being able to play the choreographed numbers. We must of looked like complete idiots not one of us could figure out how to work the freaking stereo system. Thank god the jukebox worked. Amelie the web designer was here last night. I think she was bought 3 shots and made to drink from some boot or something within 10 minutes of her arrival. I loved the e-mail I got from one of the investors. He told me he asked his wife if he made a fool of himself last night because he was drunk. Her response was ” I’ve seen you a lot worse!” Today the bouncers were razzing me about getting buzzed last night my response was ” at least I was the drunkest and by the way I’ve gotten way drunker at other openings.”

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Friday was the New Orleans 4 year anniversary. It was so great seeing some of the former staff come back to celebrate. A lot of fun!!! Last night was the Ft. Lauderdale girls night out. So we took all the girls out. Man there are some gorgeous girls in this group but I told the GM Cory be prepared for the catfighting because there are a few live wires in the group. One girl kept on saying very loudly ” how far up management do I need to be to sleep with Lee?” Well she was being very loud and obnoxious about it finally I said to her “you are being very disrespectful to one of my corporate officers, watch yourself.” Lee was getting really annoyed and very pissed. I love girls with great personalities and believe me there are some strong personalities here but there will be some team issues no doubt.
” Put the claws away girls”.
Kevin told me that he thinks the reason he has been getting sick is because he uses his hands on the site for construction and then he bites his fingernails. He said he feels a sense of calm that he now has identified why he is always so sick. Can you say Hypocondriac?

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

So we’re negotiating this CMT deal. It’s actually the deal with the production Company not CMT. Let’s just say their lawyer and my lawyer are pissing me off. This morning I would say I am more upset with my lawyer.
On a positive note, I have been working on the new corporate office. It’s been difficult because the stores aren’t getting the normal shipments into their stores so choices are slim. Also the cable company put us on a 3 week waiting list to get internet and we can’t function without internet. All of this aside I have been reading about the symbolism of color and how to set up the office using feng shui. Chantel and jeff m must think I’m nuts because I sent them a bunch of links so they can help set up the office properly. I didn’t know I needed a crystal on my desk. I’m going to have to run out tomorrow and buy a crystal. Also I need a small fountain, water is very important in the business environment. I am envisioning us setting up the office with this feng shui book in our hands. ” no chantel you can’t face the copier in that direction!!” ” God damn it !! The fax machine is going to suck all the chi out of the room stationed like that!!” ” Jeff M. my chair can not be faced with its back against the window!!”
I am a bit insane but it seems to work for me.

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Well, People seem to read the Lil spill because Jeff has a list of people who are interested in buying the company because of my comment the other day. If I ever do sell the company, it will be at a price that means I never work again, my son doesn’t have to work ( even though I would make him). LOL So funny. But having a few bad days doesn’t mean I want to sell the company. I love my company. Money talks bullshit walks.
Closing in on Ft. Lauderdale. Lee has helped me out this bar by doing the initial inventory order. But he sent it to me last night with liquors on it that had flavors like Green Apple and Black Cherry. 3 years working for me and he is still pulling the same shit. I had to laugh. So I wrote him back and told him that we could hold drink recipe contests to see who made a drink that resembled green apple bubble gum. Or maybe we start using exotic juices as mixers and making guava juice drinks or kumquat drinks. Maybe he could create a Coyote Martini menu with 500 drinks and we can make sure there are more then 6 ingredients in every recipe.
I think he got the hint after I suggested we hold a promo where we use the frozen drink not only as a beverage but as a substance to use in a wrestling ring. ” Delicious to drink while your getting your head smashed in by one of our girls. REFRESHING”
I told him. I’m willing to bend the rules a bit but not break them.
As everyone knows I have bartended for many years. These drinks they call Martinis are not martinis. A martini is a Gin drink. Through time they created a vodka martini. Now they essentially call anything with a lot of fruity crap in it a Martini. The horror!!
Memphis and KC closing in.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So obviously I had a crappy few days. Lee called me yesterday and said ” Things happen in 3s so expect something.” Well as I have been writing about, New Orleans is still not normal and I only get mail twice a week. Well yesterday the mailman came and he actually knocked on the door. Well everyone knows that if it is a certified letter, that usually is something very bad so you hide from the mailman and just hope it goes away. But of course, in this time of upheaval I was thrilled to open the door for my mailman. Well very unwise decision. What he handed me was about 20 pages long and involves hiring and paying for lawyers. The ironic thing is that it does not involve myself or any of my companies. But success has it’s problems. This morning I woke up and I was in an unbelievably good mood. I realized that I hit my 3rd event so I’m in the clear ( hopefully).
Busy day today. I have so many different projects going on, it’s insane! You would think being filmed on a tv series would get my fat ass in gear and lose some weight. But no, I have been eating about a 1/2 pound of chocolate a day. Just can’t stop myself! C’est la Vie!
Oh my god I made the mistake of looking at apple stock. I’m sick. My ex and I sold apple at $24 and now it’s at $83. I’m sick!!! I knew when it was at $43 I should of picked it up again! SICK

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When it rains it pours! Today I had scheduled myself, Jackson , and a babysitter to fly down to Ft. Lauderdale. Well Jackson woke up with a fever and a bad stomach ache so I had to cancel the trip. It is so hard. The mother in me knows that I have to stay home and care for my son but I feel horribly bad that I am not getting to know the new girls helping the new GM and dealing with Kevin and Lee. Kevin always says be prepared for when the company gets so big that I can’t go to everything. I know that day will come but for right now I really enjoy the interaction with the staff. I pride myself on knowing all the staff. they may not know that I know them but I do. Kevin, Jacqui, and Lee are always amazed that after a few days I know every girls name and have a sense about them. Kevin gets frustrated with me when I misspell or forget the name of the landlord, the architect or some other business contact. He’ll say” I don’t get it Lil. You’ll know every girls name and face but when the landlord comes in you’ll say ” can I help you?” because you won’t recognise him.” What can I say? I think at my age I’m so filled with information that I process what I think is important and throw away the rest.
So much going on this week.

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Today is a day I would with broken heart listen to an offer to buy my company. Everything has just fallen apart today. Last week I wrote an interoffice memo about spacing the openings at least 1 month apart. I felt that we needed to make sure we didn’t slight our training and put out a good product. Well Jeff W. calls an emergency conference call with myself , Lee , and kevin and tells us that he thinks we should open two bars within 10 days of each other ( there are reasons why he wants this, but too involved to go into). I said ” I just don’t think it’s a good idea to do that. We will be sacrificing quality.” I don’t expect Jeff to understand he’s just a lawyer but neither Kevin nor Lee backed me up. Then I am having this ongoing issue with the fucking decor with Lee. Then New Orleans shit. And to top it off this CMT series is really upsetting me. I love my company but some days just aren’t fun anymore.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

I went to bed laughing just thinking how outrageous this business has become. Last night I was speaking to Jacob the graphic designer, artist and he told me that Lee had commissioned him to do a rush job. The job was a poster of the “Virgin Guadelupe”. I went to bed thinking ” we’re doomed”. This Ft. Lauderdale VIP room is essentially going to doom us all to hell. I woke up this morning and checked my mail to find the graphics of the poster. Jacob entitled it ” Esther Gaucomole”. He used the ” Virgin Gaudelupe” as the backdrop and superimposed a picture of Esther in there. Pretty funny.
We have beautiful girls at all the bars but it seems that every flyer , ad, or painting is of the same 4 girls. We do photoshoots at all the bars but it is so hard to get photos that we can use for the ads. What I have learned from the people who do our ads is 1. you can’t use a picture where an appendige is cut off. You would be amazed that a picture that looks really beautiful may be cropped at the hairline or at the elbows. 2. Lighting too dark too light. 3. Clothing, Too revealing not revealing enough. The list goes on. Austin and San Antonio have a shoot scheduled soon so I’m hoping we get some new pictures.
I’ll be in Ft. Lauderdale Tuesday – Thursday.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Went to the New orleans bar last night. Let’s just say that I was feeling a bit under the weather when I woke up this morning. Thanks San Antonio for the pillow. I love memory foam!! Awesome. I feel bad because all these bars get me such nice gifts and I don’t give them gifts, other then bonuses. I just think that would be so hard to try and get everyone a gift.
I wish things were back to normal in New Orleans. So many places are closed and if they are open they have abbreviated hours. It’s driving me nuts not to have a supermarket open past 6pm. What has been really difficult is the air travel. Very few direct flights and very few choices. I used to be able to take a direct flight to Ft. Lauderdale but that no longer exists.
Patience, is something I need to work on.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

I wrote the accountants this morning. ” I haven’t had an assistant since before Katrina. I need help” It’s that time again where I have to organize everything from last year to give to my accountants. The thought of getting everything organized is daunting. I have a feeling my accountants are hoping I hire someone otherwise they get stuck with helping me organize my papers. Grueling!
We passed our last inspection in Ft. Lauderdale. I thought Kevin was going to have a coronary. Tonight I’m going down to the bar to help Chantel. We only have 4 girls and two of them are on vacation so she’s in a bit of a staff pinch.
That’s about all I got.
Jacqui’s last message on my voicemail ” I look like shit and everyone sucks! Call me back” I don’t know who’s more nuts Jacqui or myself but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person insane in this company!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wow I just opened a can of worms with Lee. Supposedly the sweatshirt I got was not the one being designed to my specs. A different company is doing the plain sweatshirt. Also, when did an oversized sweatshirt get called a ” hoodie” ? I thought a ” hoodie” was a cropped sweatshirt for girls? Lee is stressing because he has too much on his plate.
The last few weeks before a bar opens is stressfull. ” Lee I love you , calm down.” Lee just happens to be artistic so some of the extra work he puts on himself. We have Jacob who does all the vintage signs but Lee actually tries to put the room together and get swag etc. I know he is completely nuts when I get an e-mail ” Lil we need to hire a design firm”. OK, calm down Lee. It’s just downright unamerican to hire a design firm to make a bar look like a dive. Then to make things worse, Kevin is about to explode with stress, again he is like this before every opening and every inspection.
Here’s an idea, use new guy Joe to help out. We are paying him. New Guy Joe is an excellent handy man. He used to build sets for stage productions. Now the new can of worms ” Lil, Lee has taken Joe away from doing the work I asked him to do.” ” Lil, Kevin is not allowing Joe to help finish my projects”
I just wrote Lee a note telling him that I can’t wait to be a silent investor in a company he runs. I will sit back collecting my checks and he can do whatever crazy stuff he wants. Openings are so fun!

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Why is it that I can’t get a fucking break with the goddamn merchendise? I asked Lee a couple of months ago to make a regular sweatshirt, not cropped, not fancy, just a” bang around” sweatshirt with the logo on it. This morning, I woke up I was in an incredible mood and then the UPS delivery shows up. The return address on the package said 5th Sun, one of our merchandise companies. Well I open the package and it is a bang around sweatshirt but the graphics are completely ridiculous. ” I just want a fucking plain sweatshirt that say Coyote Ugly on it!! Why is that so fucking hard?” This sweatshirt has a girl on the side of the shirt and then a girl on the side of the words. ( all red graffiti style) It looks horrible. Why does everything have to be so over the top?
Then I was just sent a picture of the VIP room in Lauderdale. What Lee considers art and decor is going to have religious protesters at our front door. As all doctors say ” women are crazy from their 30’s until their 50’s” ” Lee , while I’m in my crazy period can you please take yourself back a notch ? You’re gonna give me a fucking heart attack!!”
We’ve got infringers everywhere it seems. Jeff and I laugh but it is getting so old. I’m so tired of these people stealing from me.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I made it. I didn’t get killed yesterday and I didn’t kill anyone as well. Today is turning up better then yesterday. People do not believe me when I say this but “positive begets positive negative begets negative.” I was very negative yesterday and a multitude of negative things happened to me. 1. no car 2. almost got hit by a car 3. Lee’s shit 4. dog peed on my bed 5. my skin looks like a 16 year old boy with acne 6. cmt thing driving me nuts 7. Can’t fit into my jeans 8. New Refriderator’s freezer section is broken 9. noone will pick up garbage infront of my house so my house looks like something you would see on the show ” They call me Earl” ( think that’s the name) and then 9. GM of Ft. lauderdale called to say he got a better offer.
the funny part when Kevin called me last night ( after 7pm) I just started laughing. You have to finally find some humor in everything.
Well today things are looking up. We have many candidates for Ft. Lauderdale. I think one of my old bouncers is going to haul my trash. And I bought new pants because ” fuck it” I don’t feel like dieting!
I am very excited about opening Ft. Lauderdale. I love getting to know the girls a bit. There’s one girl that I know is a bit nuts, I just hope she pans out. Nuts can really generate money , if they aren’t completely over the edge.
Feeling good today!!
Also I really enjoyed Mellissa’s ( Denver AM) managers log from last night. ” I love 21st birthdays. If your gonna puke make it in the fucking toilet don’t miss. I’m a puker and I always get it in the toilet” At 4 am this morning, I was quite amused by this. Thanks Mellissa.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My god I’m in a bad mood. I loaned my car to someone last night. I told them that Tuesday was a school day for my son and to have the car back in the morning. Of course, I wake up and no car. Then that person calls me at 8:45 am to say, I’m in your driveway ready to take you and Jackson to school. ” Well buddy his school starts at 8:30 am so we walked.” Then I’m walking Cheeto from the coffee shop and I ‘m crossing the street closest to my house and this woman in her car, wasn’t looking and came inches from hitting me. You can only imagine a few choice words that came out of my mouth. I watched her coming toward me not stopping and I can honestly say I wasn’t afraid. All I could think was ” fucking great now I’m going to get hit by a car!”
I don’t know what’s going on with me but I have this desire to get rid of everything in my house. Just yesterday I gave my ex husband a leather couch and chair that was in my front room. I think he was shocked. I’m feeling so clostraphobic with so much stuff in my house. Jackson has so much it’s ridiculous. Quarterly we give a lot of his stuff away to needy kids but it keeps piling up. I think I’m just frasseled with my son and dog destroying all the furniture in the house. One last gripe. All the lights in my house are on track lighting 8 feet up. It drives me crazy when the lights burn out because it’s such an ordeal to change the lightbulbs. And that fuking long pole they sell to change the bulbs doesn’t work. I bought it last year and all it oes is break the fucking bulbs at the socket. Last week, I went 3 days without lights in my kitchen until a friend came over and used the ladder to change some of them. ( I feel sorry for everyone today, I can’t even stand myself today)
Business news: Toronto is signed and we’re closing in. I’m really excited about doing something in another country. It’s going to be a great learning experience plus, Toronto is a great city. Ft. Lauderdale is closing in. I’m excited to get to know the girls. We hired a british guy as the gm. I hope he can loosen up a bit . So much going on and so little time.
Also I wanted to say that New Years Eve was Marshall’s last night with the company. He’s decided to take a break from this industry and rest up a bit. ” Thank you Marshall for all the years of friendship and I wish you the best in your life. Austin will surely miss you”

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Well I got a babysitter for today but I couldn’t find one for last night, New Year’s Eve. So the highlight of the night was Cheeto pooping on my leather shag rug, Jackson stepping in it with his bare feet, and then my friend who was over almost puking when Jackson raised his foot. I have to say, it really was funny, even though I officially said goodbye to that rug.
Nashville kicked butt last night!! Tampa, wow, great night too. The surprise for the night was Austin. They doubled last year’s New Year’s Eve ring. I haven’t heard about NY’s numbers yet ( yesterday was funny, I had a panick attack and thought I forgot to renew the NY liquor license. Luckily it’s valid till next New Year’s Eve. I almost gave Jacqui and Kim a heart attack.) I spoke with Jeff Myers this morning and New Orleans had the best night since we reopened after Katrina. All and All, I am very pleased.
Happy New Year to all my staff and everyone out there. 2006 is going to be a very busy year for Coyote Ugly!! ( Please no evacuation!)

posted by Liliana @ 11:35 AM

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