By Liliana Lovell,
Coyote Ugly Saloon Founder

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    Lil Spills for September 2013

    Monday, September 30, 2013

    Well happy day is over. I was sent the flyer for one of our upcoming anniversary parties. Let’s just say that I was disgusted by the image used in this flyer. I haven’t micromanged Lee in years with our ad images. let’s say we have had words and none of them flattering. I AM FUCKING DISGUSTED!!! 10 years . He knows the image I want for Coyote. trust is now gone, yet again.

    Sunday, September 29, 2013

    While I was nestled all snug in my bed I received this video from the New Orleans bar.

    I am in my living room jumping up and down!!! I finsihed 115th overall in today’s triathlon. While that doesn’t seem good to most people I am super pleased. I rocked the bike today!!! Jackson thinks I am nuts because I am so happy about 115th.
    Chantel came to the finsih line crying. We were all so worried. While she was running she saw a woman collapse and have a heart attack. The woman wasn’t breathing and Chantel had to find someone to call an ambulance. Chantel was really out of sorts. She found out later that they were able to revive the woman. Thank god. Chantel said the woman was very overweight. You have one body and you need to take care of it!

    Saturday, September 28, 2013

    Dinesti ( Nashville Head Bartender) is so funny. Her log read ” Zac Brown is ruining my life today” . Damn concerts . The bars always clear out when there is a big concert in town. Very low key weekend for me and the kid. My friend Dora said to me ” you have to read the book “Ask and You Shall Receive.” I thought about this concept of asking and receiving what you want. I decided to take it one step further and I bought some things that made it very clear what I wanted to receive from the universe. Done deal!
    ” Lil what better way to ring in your birthday then an early morning triathlon.” Chantel is going to be the death of me. In the next three weeks we are supposed to do two triathlons and a half marathon. ” I love you Chantel but this is putting a bit of a damper on my personal life. Fine I will do the mini triathlon tomorrow but just know that we are going to see the Saints on Monday night and I plan on having some drinks!”

    Friday, September 27, 2013

    Wow a powerful day at work. My phone started ringing at 7:30 am. Kevin’s to do list is “the Sans”, San Juan, San Diego, San Antonio. Daniel; NY, Key West, Vegas. Lee; Singapore, Phoneix, Dallas. Chantel; Dallas, Phoenix, Key West. I am trying to figure out my schedule. I have San Diego, Key West this week. Next week Charlotte straight to Vegas. Things are getting very busy! I love being busy!!!
    Lizzie choreographed a new song for us! Jackson came in second yesterday in his cross country race out of 50 kids. 2 miles at 13 minutes 16 seconds. Everything is very positive right now.
    Daniel, Kevin, and I have been accepted into the Nepal race, . I was doing 15- 20 miles a week running then adding on to that I would swim and bike to train for the triathlons. This week I have gone up to 30 miles running . I need to up my game. My mid life crisis is killing me and my close friends. But I am so happy that my dear friends are accompanying me on this crazy journey. I went to get a massage this week. The woman said ” ma’am you have an awful lot of bruises.” THE FUCKING BIKE! lol
    Just to add humor; when I went to Key west last weekend it was for fun. Of course I met with the managers and visited the bar but I spent most of my time with my friend drinking mojitos. She called it Lilfest 2013. I have been to KW a million times but I had never gone to the beach. I went to the beach with my friend on Sunday. Sunday night and Monday night I was so itchy that I went to urgent care. The doctor said ” have you been to the beach?” yes. ” well you are having an allergic reaction to sand fleas.” Oh brother. Got a shot in the butt and now I am fine.

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    Thank god for San Antonio and NYC, the bars did horribly last night. San Juan and San Diego are so close that my spanish is getting better and my need to go around a big zoo is increasing. ” Mom I have a vocabulary test and I don’t know what these are; wool, silk, corduroy, and play ed.” Shit a mother’s job is never done. I guess that’s my fault for not talking about clothes more. But what’s play-ed? ” mom its spelled plaid”. Shit ” Jackson in the real world a man never never needs to know corduroy. And plaid is a preppy pattern, I have two plaid skirts.”oh brother.
    One of my trainers told me today that I was very hard because of my type A personality. I said in a joking manner ” must be hard being my friend.” She agreed. That has plagued me all day. ” well my friends went to a strip club with me a few days ago and bought me a lap dance. I don’t think they think its hard being my friend.”

    Tuesday, September 24, 2013


    Sunday, September 22, 2013

    Yes Kevin is completely insane .

    We have decided to do the Manaslu Trail race. Right now its Kevin, Daniel, and myself. While unbelievably hard on the body, I bet it’s going to be a magical experience in Nepal.
    The Nashville girls did a 5k obstacle run yesterday! The whole company is getting fit. So proud f them

    Saturday, September 21, 2013

    ” sir , Princess needs to check the picture before you post it.” My friend Leslie calls me Princess because I am supposedly high maintenance . When I go to my bars people will ask to take pictures with me and I can’t stand when I look bad and the picture gets posted on Facebook. Really, is that high maintenance ? Excerpts from last night.
    Young guy: ” Lil you are so hot I want to take you home. ”
    Leslie ” princess , I think I know his mother .”
    Young Guy: ” Lil what are you 33?”
    Leslie ” princess , my son is as old as him.”
    Me: ” dude he thinks I am 33, I love this guy.”
    Hours later on Duvall St.
    Leslie ” I want to go to Denny’s
    Me: ” princess says NO Fucking Denny’s since you made me give up the young guy.”

    Fun night last night. KW bar did well. Loved seeing all the traveling girls. Proud of my bars.

    Friday, September 20, 2013

    Key West baby! Bike week

    Thursday, September 19, 2013

    Tahnee, NY GM, just made my day. We were talking about how close the NY girls have remained for so many years. She then said ” I am thankful for Coyote everyday cause I have such great people around me.”
    Well I am grateful that Tahnee reminded me of the beauty in our lives, everyday. I need to start the gratefuls again ! Ok I will do that 21 days straight gratefuls .
    I am grateful for my old house . I officially don’t own it as of yesterday . That house was where my son grew up. Good memories .
    I am about to be grateful for my boxing coach not showing up so I don’t ruin my manicure .
    San Juan , so close!!! Cross fingers

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    Oh no my phone is ringing again. God the last two days Milwaukee has plagued me. Chantel is there helping the girls with the dances. She has verified alot of my impressions from the last time I was there. Hannah their head bartender is just being overworked. The list goes on. URGH!
    I haven’t looked at the logs for two days. I need to get on point. We are having a managers’ seminar in Vegas next month. We are planning a lot of really great learning events. Even I am excited. I enjoy the lectures from outside people. We are always learning in this industry, which is why we are great!
    Kevin ” I am better then you at everythig I do”
    Me: ” that’s why your fat ass was behind me at the 1/2 marathon
    Kevin ” Lil , you know I let you win. I can do a marathon without training after a night drinking.”
    This is how our conversations typically go.
    Today I recieved my blood panel results
    Me: ” Kevin my doctor said that in 20 years he has only seen one patient with better blood work and that was Macky Shilstone”
    Kevin: ” who the F is Macky and your doctor was just trying not to hurt your feelings and tell you that you are a fat ass.”
    Me. ” I am close to super human. I am so much better then you. Inside and Out.”
    Kevin: ” I will wipe the floor with you any day of the week.”
    I have realized that the reason Kevin and I are constantly bickering is because we are the most pathetic people on the corporate staff. So while other people are with their spouses, on their boats, or in other ways enjoying themselves on their off time, we add on extra work,travel more for work, exercise more, and compete with each other in almost all facets of our lives.
    San Juan is looking good!!!!! Buenos Noches mi Latino Guapo. Hot latin men! ( although from a young age my mother would say ” never date a latin man”. Her Colombian roots make it alright to say. Lol) I plan on saying that a lot when I head down there.
    Should Kevin and I do The Manaslu Trail Race in Nepal? San Juan may put that race on hold. Buenas dia mi hombre guapo. ( I will use that one too)

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