Lil Spill

February 19, 2013

What are the chances of me actually running the full half marathon on Sunday after a weekend in Vegas? Ok heading home today. I have to try and get past 6 miles before Friday. I figure I will take Saturday off then Sunday , Bam.
Jeremy, our main merch vendor had given me Star Wars shirts and Tshirts as a joke a few months ago. The princess Leah sweatshirt is my favorite. If you put the hood up it appears as if you have your hair in the pigtail buns, just like Leah did in the movies. My son is mortified when I wear this sweatshirt . Jeremy :” Lil if you ever get upset with Jackson just show up at his school with the princess Leah sweatshirt on, hood up .” The vision of his face if I did that is priceless.

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