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August 31, 2018

I highly recommend this book . I bought this as a gag gift . I was curious and started paying through the book. She is spot on with so many ideas . Love this .

Conference call yesterday started with AdA compliance finance issue and ended with “

pizza is really good at Samurai Pie. “

Lizzie and I are going to start working on renovating the Nashville back bar area . I love doing this stuff .

Next weekend Marathon Du Medoc ! Get ready France . ( how many miles will chantel , Kevin and I last while drinking wine ?)

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August 23, 2018

College drop off. Like most parents I have been filled with pride , anxiety , sadness , and excitement . I have spent the last two weeks doing laundry , organizing , and trying to make sure this transition is happy and fluid . Less then two weeks to go !!

I try to pride myself on constantly evolving and being happy . Taking the few extra seconds not to get upset but to look at things in a more compassionate way .

Today , that Old NYer came out in full swing . Class registration started at 5 am . Guess who woke up her son at 4:30 am ? Yup me .

We found out today that his new roommate is arriving two days early . That screams to me “

who gets the best bed .”  Jackson if we have to wait outside the dorm at 4 am so be it !!!


Coyote Ugly . Recap : two American girls got  deported from U.K.  Fort Worth royally fucked up . Denver is doing incredible . And Kevin and Chantel are on my shit list .

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August 11, 2018

Empty nesting = the absolute need to clean and purge . (College drop of day , less then a month ) Three days I worked on my first floor . Extra paella pans , extra wine bottle openers , extra carafes . Then I ventured into the boxes that were unused . Family pictures , coyote Ugly memorabilia , again more wine paraphernalia . I donated enough to fill at least one apartment . I am waiting in anticipation when Good Will opens the sheep intestines and pig fetus we bought jackson when we thought his career would be a medical examiner . Out of everything , there was one picture that I can not seem to verify . In my dad’s photo albums there was a picture of what I think was the Hindenburg. Did my dad actually see this flying overhead ? 

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August 7, 2018

What a month . SAn Antonio anniversary .

Marathon in Washington state with Kevin ( half marathon for me . ) Calendar shoot . I just finished hiring at the new Bar in Swansea Wales . Busy busy busy

My son leaves for College the first week of September . Ugh ! Empty nest ! I plan on drinking , traveling , eating , and semi working to pass the time !

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