BACK HOME!!! God Damn it! Today’s get back to business call consisted of “By the way the NY bar got scammed.”

The San Diego bar is low on cash. Fort Worth blah blah blah. But the good news is that T in Memphis is awesome.” That was this mornings call from Chantel.

My gratitude today goes to T in Memphis. And SantaCon in NYC. nothing like seeing that little bar raking in more money then the big bars!! hot damn.

Ran the Santa run in San Diego. Fun.

Heading back to Liverpool ! One crucial stop in Amsterdam . I am meeting Lizzie and Steve to do a quick 24 hour tourist trip . Tommy ( US regional ) and Ray ( GM Liverpool ) have been signed up with the staff to do the Santa Bash 5 K in the morning ! I love that . Sad I am missing it . ( tommy hates me now but one day will thank me .

US bars did horribly last night . Ugh .

I bought a pair of rubber pants on line for the Liverpool opening . Jackson saw this and said “ you are not wearing these “. Yes I am . “ Mom there is only one reason for clothes like this and it involves S and M. Get another outfit .”