Lil Spill

September 7, 2017

Having had to evacuate during Katrina , I feel this pang of fear for all these people . Harvey was awful and affected so many people we know . Now Irma has just destroyed so many of these little islands and soon to hit Florida . We have been planning to do a benefit at all the bars for the hurricane relief funds . I just saw an ad for the ASPCA that made me so sad . All these people evacuate and don’t take their pets . Before Katrina , I decided to take my son and fly to NY , 3 days prior . Our neighbors were staying . Their thoughts were that the hurricane was not going to be as bad as the news was broadcasting . I made the mistake of leaving them with our guinea pigs and turtles . I was not allowed to enter my home for a full month because the national guard had imposed a quarantined area . When I got home there were my pets dead in their cages .  The neighbors had stayed through the storm but were forced to evacuate and they left our pets . I wished they had at least released them in the park . It’s my fault ultimately . I never told jackson the truth . Seeing those little creatures dead in their cages because of my own casual attitude , I feel even deeper about helping all these abandoned animals . I am going to donate to the ASPCA and do what ever I can to help .

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Stuart Reekie

Praying for all tonight in Tampa, Panama City Beach, Destin & NoLa. Florida, be secure and be safe.


I completely understand this and am so happy you are sharing your personal story of Katrina. I am a current Denver Coyote, but was born and raised in New Orleans where I also had to evacuate for Katrina. My mother having enough sense to get us kids out, but my father thinking it wasn't going to be as bad as predicted stayed; luckily he survived. Though, we did lose everything as many other Louisianans did at least I did not lose a loved. I think that a benefit for the Irma victims would be an amazing thing to do at the bars because the lives this will affect will be tremendous. I also remember all the amazing assistance my family and I recieved after Katrina which helped us immensely by helping us get back on our feet as quickly as possible.

Steven Dunn

I guess we learn from our mistakes, but if its any comfort I understand, I own 4 Guinea Pigs and my mother has Alzheimer's Disease. If I lived in an at risk area for Tornado's or hurricanes or other natural disasters, I believe life would life would be a nightmare if such a storm hit. One thing we should try to do is prepare and plan for future. Just a thought, I get the small feeling these things are only the beginning, hurricanes and tornadoes are terrible but I been concerned about Yellowstone a long time.