Lil Spill

September 6, 2017

My eyes just opened to an email ” a new NY neighbor is complaining about noise “. We have been there just shy of 25 years . Why on god green’s earth do you move in right near many bars ?

Bars doing very well . Only bar not doing well is Nola . I need new strategies there .

Gerting a fucking MRI on the weekend . Getting old sucks . Aqua aerobics will probably be my new exercise if I need surgery .

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Hey again, this is Robin your Denver Coyote from Nola. I do not know if this will help, but something we used to do at an old job I had when I lived in Nola is that during big events (Saints games, etc) about 5 girls would be sent to that event with management to hand out bogos and t-shirts and things to get the word out that we were still around; also I'd try to hit metairie if possible. I only say this because I lived in Nola for 22 years and I never even knew there was a Coyote there and niether did any of my friends until I started working at the Denver one and Onicki told me one was there. Now my friends can't wait for me to come back intown for Mardi Gras so that we can all go. You've likely already done what I am suggesting, but just thought I'd try because I was completely shocked when I found out there was a location in Nola that had been there for years. What's crazier is that when I spoke with my mom she knew Coyote was located there, but none of the people around my age did. I believe there is a lot of people in there 20's that aren't aware as I wasn't.