Lil Spill

April 3, 2017

I would like to microchip the managers. A company in Sweden is microchipping their employees. AFTER Saturday’s visit to the San Diego bar I would love to do this.

I want to improve the microchip. The managers walk near the bathrooms and they are either subtly influenced into cleaning or  they get  shocked  into cleaning .  Everytime I email or text they answer immediately. It’s been two days since the ” WHY THE F CAN”T YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER IN THE RESTROOMS?:’ event and I am still upset .

I am not mad at the Nashville bar. They are rocking. And from what I hear the new AM , Mike B is a freak about a clean bar. ” Mike you may be visiting San Diego if this shit doesn’t change.”

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NY Bar is terrible in that regard. Hardly ever paper towels available. EVERY single employee, including the bouncers need to be replaced at the NYC Coyote. Time for serious housecleaning! No pun intended.