Lil Spill

March 29, 2017

A company that runs together has fun together! Signed up Pinky, Tommy, Lizzie, Kevin and myself for a 5 k next week outside of Denver!

Some woman went into the Nashville bar pretending she knew me. My understanding from the manager’s log was she was first a supposed acquaintance of mine then as the night progressed she was my secret corporate employee . ” Lil will want to know what’s going on!”  Low and behold they didn’t buy her story and she eventually got kicked out. Of course she found me on Facebook . I woke up to FB messages and pictures of the Nashville bathrooms.  Her early messages were ” I create fashion lines for woman. Then she wrote  ” and I do tile as well”.  I wish my boyfriend had these talents. Fashion designer and tile layer. Versatile. Michael wrote something in the log. I sent Lizzie and Michael  a text  ” Really?  I secretly hired someone in corporate to design clothes and fix the bathrooms?” Have you seen the NY bathrooms lately?

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