Lil Spill

December 15, 2016

Coyote Ugly Cardiff open for business .  Brutal . Mantra to the staff ”  as long as the customers get their drinks and don’t know everything that’s going wrong then we have done a good job .”

Had to laugh .  I have now opened many bars . Things always go wrong . Ice machine breaks . Sound system shorts out. Bathroom gets clogged . It happens and you fix it, move on .  Steve , the Owner of Cardiff and I were laughing ” omg, this is crazy . We have had things go wrong but ” he then finished my sentence ” this is a whole new level “.  lol honestly it was a great night .  Everyone had a blast . But my god , buzz saws still going .  Opened an hour late .  Aloha terminals crashing . Dish washer not working . DJ never downloaded choreographed songs . Justin walks over to me ” hope you don’t mind taking pictures with our potential franchisees . I stopped them  from taking pictures of you while you were mopping the floor .”  lol

Good job to everyone . American Staff rocked ! Wales staff worked their asses off . Packed ! Fun! And I made it to Heathrow . 2 hours sleep , 2 trains , now waiting for my plane home .

My body is tired. I need to curl into a ball . I will Chase my 17 year old son around to cuddle with . Can anyone say Spa day !

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Robert Britton

From wales I must say that was an awesome night, loads of fun and good looking girls, though I was stood right next to Lilliana Lovell at the end of the bar, where I was all night, remember having my arm around her showing my support but did not get a photo with her, bit gutted. Really great night and great girls and staff. xx